Wednesday, October 6, 2010

i want it....someone else got it

[day #2: envy]

this is a hard one, cause there isn't much i envy. in fact most of the things i envy i've had at one point.

7 things i lack & covet

  1. my old body. i think with my old body i'd have the women going crazy, instead of thinking i'm lazy. 
  2. how i felt about life before i was diagnosed with MS.
  3. people happily married. after being married, and knowing what it felt like. i can't help but miss that feeling. the feeling of being with someone, being in love, and hoping to spend forever with them.
  4. the attention others get for my work. playing the background is cool, but sometimes it bothers me that people reap more benefits than i do. and it's my ideas, creativity, or words.
  5. youth. as i get older and older. the aches & pains grow randomly...i envy that guy who just gets up everyday full of energy. no responsibilities.
  6. people who can just "not care". i care too much, about everything. which doesn't seem like a bad thing. until you add up all the things i care too much about and no one else does. i envy people who can just get over/past things, cause it's hard for me.
  7. i got to admit, after being on the yacht all weekend. i want one. so much so, i'm so contemplating buying one with my homeboys. which goes against my inner "voice of reason".


★Starrla Monae☆ said...

Number 6 is me all the way. I wish I had the ability to turn off certain emotions with a switch.

HOLD UP! I was on a yacht too this past weekend. Was that YOU!? I was just on one Saturday night and we didn't go any damn where. Lame ass dude.

sunshinestar110 said...

#1 would have to be one of mine too..not that the ladies went crazy but the fellas did...back when it didn't matter what i ate every thing would land its just all over the place.

#3 i envy them too but i haven't ever been married its because i want that and i'm at the age that i feel like it may never happen for me.

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@starrla monae: you might have seen me. we were yacht living this weekend, all yacht everything.

@sunshinestar110: me & you on the same page. and trust marriage will come when you're ready & blow your mind, don't give up. I wanna invite.

Freckles said...

I too wish that I didnt care about some things and some people. Especially those women that can let their fat meat just hang allover the place and be rolling in their too tight clothes. I have been working really hard on my body and have lost 30 lbs but there are just some things that I have no business wearing.

youth is good but I have to admit that as I get older I have gotten so much better. I am loving the woman that I am in my 30's oppose to my 20's.

I envy the happily ever after and marriage. I want to be married but I am trying to be paitent for him to find me.

Sunshinestar, NEVER GIVE UP ON MARRIAGE - there was an article the other day about an 80 y/o woman that was getting married for the first time but she had known the man for 20+ years. LOVE IS ALWAY OMNIPRESENT... you gotta believe.

Oh and Starrla, I so wanna know about the lame ass dude. lol.