Thursday, October 28, 2010

we like'em too..

a common complaint from women is men never notice anything. we never notice you changed your hair. you bought a new dress. you wore that lipstick we like. we don't notice you cleaned up the house. or you ironed our shirts. we never pay attention to the little details you put into everything. yea....yea....yea. 

the truth is, we do notice. we know it's something different. our problem is..we can't figure out what it is. be honest. you ladies never notice shit. nor do you compliment us ever. yea, i said it..women don't compliment, yall accuse. 

examples of how compliments go wrong from women:

she should have said:

you look so handsome today...

instead she says:

who you trying to look good for today?

she should have said:

that's a nice sweater you have on

instead she says:

are you gonna wear those pants? i mean the sweater is cool, but those pants are wrinkled

she should have said:

that was the best sex i've had, ever

instead she says:

that was good...

lol you get my point? you ladies don't think we care, but we do. we like to hear..."you look good". we like to hear.."you smell nice". we like you to notice our fresh shape up. or we shaved for you. we like you to tell us you like how our shoes are frost bite white. we like when you notice things. we like when you compliment us on our strength. when you tell us you love us and how great we are. when you make us feel like men. yea, we don't get all mushy gushy. yea, a lot of us don't even know how to take compliments. but we do appreciate them. everyone appreciates them. 

one of my pet peeves is a woman who never notices details. i HATE when i put time and effort in things, and a woman doesn't notice. do you know how much effort goes to planning a date? 

  1. get your car situation in order. you have to wash it, inside & out. you have to gas it up. 
  2. get your activities situation in order. whether dinner, movies, concert, or play you have to decide what she wants to do..get tickets, find out times, make reservations, etc. 
  3. you have get yourself together. from what you're gonna wear. to shaving. to a fresh shape up. cologne. it's not easy being this sexy you know..
  4. get your "impress me" situation in order. flowers, her favorite music.  favorite wine. gifts. just anything we do to be all extra with it.
  5. pick up/drop off game in order. you arrive on time. you wait while she's all late trying to get all pretty for you. you open the doors. walk her inside. 

do you know what it feels like to go all out. show a woman a great night and she never compliments ANYTHING? she doesn't appreciate the fact that you car is on 100, 1000, trillion fresh. it has that fresh vanilla air freshener hanging. or that you never get stuck on the side of the road cause you ran out of gas like her last boyfriend. she doesn't care you just paid $200 for those tickets to that play. that you were courtside, not nosebleed at that basketball game. she acts like she sits in lebron's lap during the playoffs every year. you can't even get a.."wow, these are great seats". you might have tried on 3 different shirts before heading out. spray on a new cologne. waited 2 hours to get that shape up, just for her. and nothing. not even a bite of the bottom lip. you ungrateful "__fill-in-the-blank__". lol

all i know is, it wouldn't kill yall to say something nice once in a while. the next time your dude does something nice. or puts a little extra time into his appearance, notice it. appreciate it. say something baby... 

[october challenge: day#28]



Anonymous said...

You know...I can really respect this post. I used to be that way...not giving compliments but wanting to receive them. I learned and grew up and realized that it is necessary to do that with your mate. men want to feel good too and they have every right to want that, just as women do.
I dated a guy who almost never complimented me...thats what really got me thinking...and it hurt too. So now Im all about making my man feel good whenever I can. Its the whole give and receive factor...Lol

Monique said...

Give and receive is the name of the game. I like complimenting men. I can see the little twinkle in your eye you get when a woman says something that really flatters you. It makes me giggle on the inside.

sunshinestar110 said...

I love this because i tell my friends this all the got to notice the things you want him to notice about u! I'm a jerk and i shall admit that but i make sure acknowledge all that boo does different i know it makes him good shit it makes me feel good to see him giving it his best! instead of me doing it all

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@sj is so unique: it's def a give/receive factor. a lot of women don't realize they don't give compliments at all. they all want them, but rarely return the favor. i'm glad you're about the compliments now.

@monique: do you see the twinkle in my eye? you see it?

@sunshinestar110: i'm glad you make that effort. we love compliments. keep giving them.