Friday, October 8, 2010

i'll get to it tomorrow...

[day #4: sloth]

7 things i neglect to do...

  1. tell everyone in my life i love them..a lot of times, i think they just know. or i take for granted that i'll have the opportunity to tell them.
  2. thank God everyday, for the matter if i liked it or not. a lot of times i get distracted by things going on in my life. that i forget to say thank you. i forget to focus on the fact that i'm alive. i'm walking. i'm alert..etc. the most important part is...i'm alive. and i should be thankful.
  3. to take my injections. i forget a lot. sometimes on purpose. sometimes not on purpose. but i neglect to take them like i should.
  4. to sleep. dunno why this is a hard thing for me. i'm an extreme morning person. but i also don't sleep more than a few hours a night.
  5. housework. fix things that are broken, change light bulbs, clean (dust, mop, sweet, or wash), cut my grass. my grass at my other house could host a family of hobbits and i wouldn't know till i viciously ran over them with my tractor. lol
  6. call my grandma more. even tho i'm her favorite grandchild, she's lonely and she keeps asking me to do so. (i actually called her today cause she's getting surgery tomorrow). i need to do better.
  7. to live everyday, like it's my last. i keep thinking things can wait till tomorrow. and i constantly put things off and procrastinate. the time to get in shape, now. to eat better, now. the time to not take shit, now. the time to be proactive, now. i can't help it if tomorrow always seems more appealing time to start a better habit.


Tisha said...

i need to learn to say 'i love you'
more often
i usually prefer to show it.

well, i'll change or tey

Krissy said...

Buddy this entire list hit home for me.

I tell my fam and friends I love them but I don't think I ay it often enough. Last year while giving birth to Jas I almost died. A few days after giving birth to her I was in the ICU almost dying again. Yesterday I was thinking about that time period and realized that God is an awesome God whom I should thank for life more often and that I have really awesome family and friends. They called and came to see me in the hospital and aside from coming home to jas, they made me want to fight to get better and after 6 days I did.

I'm diabetic and I take insulin shots. But I sure as hell don't do it everyday mostly because I forget to take it. I'm so in a rush in the morning that the 2 mins it takes to load up that insulin and poke myself is too much. I need to do better for sure.

I fall asleep late, no matter how tired I am. Its hard to quiet my brain and I know I need my sleep.

Let's not even talk about how not tidy my house is. We need a bigger place and seperate rooms. That's the main problem. But that's no excuse for those dishes in my sink at the moment.

I was just telling my sister how I need to start calling my Granny more often. She lives in GA and the time difference gets me. I don't wanna call her too late or too early and I always say "I'll call her tomorrow" and I never do. So I called her this morning and she was happy to hear from me. Made me feel good. I have to call her more. Its a must.

I need to start living more in the moment. I'll be 30 in a few months and I feel like I have way more life to live. I need to get to it.

sunshinestar110 said...

#3 now u know i have alot to say about that but for sake of time we not going to go there. All i'm going to say is you know that is something that should be high on the to do list not only for yourself but for hummer to!

#1 is me too. I need to express that more just because everyone needs to know that they are loved and tomorrow is never promised today.

#2 that me also. I think sometimes we forget that our number could be called at any moment so we need to thank god the days he blesses upon us.

Actually i can agree with this wholelist because its all me too! who knew that ATL and DC could have so much in

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

#1: It is slowly working it's way back into my vocabulary. When I got to undergrad, my friends always started saying, "I love you!"...weirded me out at first. It's taking time.

#2: I'm working on this as well. No matter how bad the day may have been, someone else didn't wake up to experience that bad day. We all have something to be thankful for.

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@tisha: yea i like to show it too. but sometimes the easiest thing "saying it" is the hardest to remember.

@krissy: wow...buddy you def need to incorporate "i love yous" in your vocab. and i feel you on the 2 min. poke taking up too much time. for me it's the reactions to the injections that drive me crazy. that makes me skip the days that the injections are in the more problematic areas.

it's hard to quiet my brain too. and we are ::here:: with the grandma thing. i swear i called my grandma yesterday and i felt so bad for waiting so long.

@sunshinestar110: don't go in on me. i hate those damn injections. there is no proof it even prevents anything..which is reason # 827 i don't wanna take this shit. and don't be acting like we can't have shit in common. DC sometimes you can be cool..i won't hold you being from DC against you lol

@starrla monae: better speed it up then. that's on both

Freckles said...

Dude, #7. that is all that I can say on that.

I am really good about the I LOVE YOU. I say it every time I hang up even my closest of close friends. It's cruicial for me.

YOU NEED TO BE BETTER ABOUT #3. as proud of being a father as you are - your life is not just about you... says that woman that recently lost her father.