Monday, October 25, 2010

garbage day...'s monday. it's garbage day. how do i know that? well every monday (except holidays) is garbage day.

how do i know that at 6:00am, awaken out of my sleep? cause my murderer next door neighbors are dragging their dead bodies to the club.

yanno it's sneaky, cause they do that shit in the wee mornings of the morning. they don't leave it out overnight. they don't run it outside as the garbage men are coming down the street (like i do..). they drag it to the curb at weird unmarked hours.

how do i know? cause they make all kinda noise. so much so, i can hear it. it wakes me up. and i know they are throwing away dead bodies. don't believe me? why else would they randomly be up taking out the trash? they don't leave the house, ever. the only person that leaves is the teenage boy and that's to go to school. one of my friends tried to convince me that their constant moving trucks in the front of their house and the back and forth removal of steel barrels was them sending clothes home to jamaica. um...

if they never leave the house. where are they getting this endless supply of clothes? the moving trucks always come at night. they pull all the way up to the garage door. and are folllowed by suspicious loud noises. i think they messed up one time and let me hear a gunshot noise. now i'm convinced they are murderers. and they are packing bodies. packing bodies and dragging them to the curb in their endless parade of garbage cans.

like i said...i have no idea how many of them are in the house. and no, i won't go over because that's the best way to get added to the kill list. i'm just saying. could they be more discreet at dragging out their bodies? i just know they are waiting for me to peek out my window so they can catch me and then i'll be next.

pray for me.....

[october challenge: day#25]


Eyes on the Prize said...


Ok I'll pray for you if you want me to.

Eyes on the Prize said...

Ok and you've got pictures too! Wow.


Krissy said...

Oh lawd!! U need a body guard! Motion sensor in your front yard! Lol

LaLa said...

BUHAHAHAHAHA!your imaginiation is hereby crazy.

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@eyes on the prize: thanks for the prayer. i caught one of them looking at me from a window the other day. needless to say, i hurried and got my ass in the car and locked the doors.

@krissy: i do. you trying to sign up to be my bodyguard? *no whitney houston* lol

@lala: what's crazier is that i'm 68% serious lol..

~Sheila~ said...

TUN...I'm praying for you.

Just keep an eye out to make sure they are using those 30 gallon trash bags, if so, you are in the clear. If you see them purchase those 13 gallon kitchen bags....It might be time to be a little cautious and stop peeking out of your windows at them.
They won't need large bags for YOU!

sunshinestar110 said...

lmao....u are crazy....and since they are home all day long im sure they spying on u as u read this...lmao..probably trying to figure how much u know about them and the dead body moving..lls