Friday, October 1, 2010

i accept the challenge. . .

so. i asked the question. should i, or shouldn't i. and i guess you can see i decided to accept the challenge.

the challenge of blogging EVERYDAY for 31 days (entire month of october). i know i proclaimed the last time it would be a while before i attempted to do this again. it wasn't easy the first time.

it wasn't the "thinking of things" part that was hard. it was the actual taking time out to blog. coincidentally i'm actually going out of town this weekend (thursday). which again makes this shit harder to keep up with.

so i'm trying out this automatic blogging thing. i set the blogs i've already written to post at midnight. so hopefully they will. if not, i'll try to come through and blog from my phone. but we all know phone blogs are just not the same. either way..i am dedicated and determined on accomplishing this once more. so hang in there with me.

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tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

scheduling worked...thank God. next post at midnight. I staggered the post so if you read 1..refresh and the next will be posted. that is if I posted 2 [which I did for tomorrow(sat)].