Tuesday, May 26, 2009

to add or not to add, is it really a question?...

not sure if i'm the only one who does this..but i don't usually add people i'm in a relationship to my social networks.

most of my friends aren't into the social networks. i'm a 33, black straight male. but the one's who are can be placed in 5 categories.

category #1: the one's who i don't want to deal w/outside of how we already deal with one another. like we are friends/associates, but honestly do i like you like that?

category #2: the one's i don't want to expose to my crazy demeanor on purpose. if they happen upon me, fine..but it's one of those "in conversations.." type things. i don't pass out business cards with my twitter name, blog url, etc..like ppl i work with, why in the hell would i add them to my shit? why would i want to seem like a groupie to people i deal with on an everyday basis who i can actually just text instead of dealing with them acting like "this" in real life...and "that" online cause everyone thinks they are "superstars"...@my-unlimited-superstar-friends "you don't even talk like that in real life...." stop it..

category #3: the one's i lost in my divorce. check "mrs. X's" (no that is not her actual twitter name) twitter, myspace, facebook, whatever the social network may be...and half her list we're "our" friends who she sufficiently embarrassed me in front of. so no i don't really want to add them nor for things to become a ping pong match between me & her.

category #4: ppl i'm in relationships with (see category #3)

category #5: my die-hard online friends, meaning we go way back to message boards, AOL chatrooms, other blogs etc..ppl who have transcended from online friend to real friends.

back to category #4 tho, i personally am not a fan of stalking a chicks facebook, myspace, twitter, etc. i feel like if you go looking for something you're bound to find it or make it up. and i HATE seeing a chick i'm dating flirting back & forward with some dude. not to mention the dude randomly flirting with her. so i put my jealousy in check, turn the trust on, & just ignore the fuck out of your page. it's best i don't see it, i'm secure enough to trust whatever you do & all the updating you're doing i'm getting it already so why i gotta jock you online?

but what i find is....

chicks stalk you tho. isn't it a fair assessment that if i'm not checking on you, you shouldn't be checking on me? that includes asking common friends about things i'm talking about (even if you don't look..it's just like looking if your asking!). i hate when you never check on someone, but she can tell me about my whole day in a heartbeat. because i'm not keeping it a secret. it's separate but not a secret. and as long as a chick tells me about something, she can keep it separate. and if you really want to be part of mine, fine. just don't ask to be part of mine, if you aren't willing to let me be part of yours (not that i'd ask....but it's the notion).

love in & out of time......

you ever got the feeling that someone thought their time was more valuable then yours? i touched on it briefly in another post, about how ppl assume that their problems can't wait. yet aren't there to help you deal with yours. well i think that w/ love it's even worse.

ever felt like someone had you on a set time. like they deal with you on a "P.S.T." ( particular set time). like if you randomly text them something. or you called them, they would ignore what you said until it was convinent to get back to you? the same people who will text you right back with a "so you're not talking to me?" when you take more than 2 minutes to reply back to them. yea, that person. someone with no regard for your time or feelings. basically when they need you, you should drop everything and be available. they don't understand that, "you're working". they don't understand, "you're tired". they don't understand, "you have problems too...". so they don't understand when their micro world of non-life-threatening emergencies happen why you don't run to their rescue when they just sit back and ignore any & everything that goes on with you.

i guess i'm just tired of inconsiderate women. i've grown up thinking women were listeners. women we're more caring them men. women liked to talk things out & try to make things better. that is all a lie. women are just as selfish and uncaring as men! wish i had a lady zapper where i could just zap the fuck out of a chick everytime she ignored me & had an automatic instant message of the reason why i was zapping her ass. "you are being zapped because yesterday you ignored my question....and now you bitching at me about why i won't answer yours...this is why bitch." ZAP.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

friend 2 lover.....

why is it so hard to understand women? i know the same can be said for guys. but honestly, women are a whole different creature in itself. i've always prided myself as a "say how you feel" type guy. so i'm not one of those guys women sit around and wonder what's going on in my head.

in fact most times, they wish i'd stop saying what was going on in my head. i'm a straight forward, straight shooter. if i'm into you, infatuated, in love, engrossed, close to be a stalker for you..i'll let you know. no guessing here ladies! so when i get a chick that is nothing like me, and i have to guess at everything she's feeling it's like...w . t . f . ? if i'm your friend beforehand. like we've been friends for years, why you acting like you don't know me? i find that dating/talking/liking someone you've known for years leads to one thing. the only thing they remember about you & your past friendship was all the chicks you dated, what you did with them, & how you felt. and that is used against you more then anything you could possibly do in the present with them aside from cheating on them.

how do you get that old friend back? the one who isn't afraid to tell you how they feel. the one who listens & isn't judgemental or keeping a list of things to throw in your face later? when i get with a lady, i pretty much put her before my other friends. that is if she is suppose to be there. and yall know what i mean. if a chick is trifling, just using you for money, status, or cause she bored...you don't put her before your homies. but if a chick is for real, and that's who you trying to spend all your time with then when you boys come calling you tell them to get at you later. but what if you get with a double standard chick?

a chick who don't want you to do anything, but (in t.i. voice) "she can do whatever she like...". a chick who will hang out with countless male friends, but don't want you to even text your female friends back a "hello" w/o there being trouble. or she get on that jealous tip where she hear you talking to the cashier at the grocery store and swear you're flirting with her. it's like the entire time we've been friends you aint check that i don't randomly just get with ladies like that? not only that have you heard stories where i was juggling two or three girls at one time? if i didn't have hoe-like tendencies before we started kicking it..why you think they've developed into grown ups overnight?

sometimes i feel like you shouldn't mess with friends. and more than likely i'm straying away from it if the opprotunity arises in the future. it's like it's great to have someone you have history with. you love & respect, and you value them already as a friend. but the issues & baggage that the shit brings is not the business...

Monday, May 18, 2009

stuck on 3rd base....

i'm a baseball guy. i actually played second base, but i've entitled this blog, "stuck on 3rd base" because i'm using to express how i'm feeling.

it's like picking up the bat, going out to the plate, gripping it tight & focusing on hitting it out the park on the first pitch. first pitch comes, you hit it and it looks like it's headed towards the stands then you hear the umpire scream, "FOUL BALL". you get 1 strike.
you then get your wits back, shake it off a bit and wait for your next pitch. you're a little scared to swing again, so you lean in and get "BALL 1". somehow you find yourself at "BALL 2", then "BALL 3"...

with the easy "take your base" ahead, you finally get the courage to swing again. you see a good pitch, you grip the bat, close your eyes, follow your heart, instincts & hear the crowd roaring. you throw the bat down, prepare to take your base, "FOUL BALL". strike two. your heart drops, your legs waiver a little as you make your way back to the plate. your decision at your full count.."lean in for a ball", "bunt", or "swing" & just take your out. you grab your bat prepare for the pitch. you get ready to swing, get scared and lean in for the pitch. and the pitcher has given you a baseball shaped tattoo in the side. "HIT BY THE PITCH, TAKE YOUR BASE".

you're on first base now. and you're trying to figure out the pitcher. should you stay and wait for a safe time to go or should you chance it & run? if you play it safe, what are your chances getting to second base? but you don't know if you don't take the chance. so you steal second base. things are going right, you make it to second base. you look down at third base and it looks so far away. yet you're confident you can make it. so after a minute of accessing the situation you make a break for it and slide into third. what now?

i find myself stuck on third. and the more i try to access my situation. check myself. and trust in love..the more i find i need someone to hit that ball & bring me home. in a relationship you can't do it all yourself. yes, you could try to steal home...but what's the possibility you'll make it? yet, it's hard to depend on someone to do that for you. and when you're looking down at the plate and see that person standing there unsure. you see that person standing there head down, eyes closed, choking on the bat just like you we're..you realize that was you three bases ago. how can you depend on someone who isn't ready to hit the ball out the park for you?

so i vowed, not to be scared of love. no matter what love gave me, i was going to try to knock the ball out the park every time. but what happens when the ball goes back to the wall. stops and drops in outfield. you take your bases, end up on third again. and you're waiting and you see that the person standing at the plate is standing there without a bat.

w. t. f. ?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

love dissertation via 808's & heartbreak

love is a funny thing! actually, let me take that back. there is NOTHING funny about love. love is a series of different emotions: joy, pain, ups, downs, detachment, stalking, completeness, (mis-)understandings, (in-)security, excitement, boredom, etc...

depending on where you are in your life, love can be many different things. i think with time, you develop an understanding of what you need & what you don't need. i think kanye west was on the realest shit of his life when he dropped 808's & heartbreak. totally co-sign this album for documenting the ups & downs of love.

watch as i breakdown my love stages via Kanye West "808's & heartbreak" titles..

Love Lockdown:

"i'm not loving you, the way i wanted to. i can't keep my cool, so i keep it true. i got somethin' to lose, so i gotta move. i can't keep myself and still keep you too..so keep your love locked down. you love locked down. keeping your love locked down, your love locked down. i keep your love locked down, your love locked down. i keep your love locked down, you lose...." - Love Lockdown

when i was younger, i dated one girl (middle school through college). that was all i knew & when that love came crashing down it seemed like the end of the world to me. after suffering my "mini nervous breakdown", i had to get my mind right. so i told myself, i'm not gonna love like that again. it put me in a love limbo for years, because truly my resistance to love was the fact that i still loved her. it was this realization that allowed me to move on.


"i'm a monster, i'm a maven. i know this world is changin'. never give in, never gave up. i'm the only thing i'm afraid of....no matter what you'll never take that from me. my reign is as far as your eyes can see..i'ma amazing, so amazing.." - Amazing

after that realization i became "amazing". this was the rest of my college years to mid twenties. it took a while before i dated or even thought about talking to anyone else. i still had her in my heart, but i got her out of my mind (most times). i admit i wasted the time of a few nice girls, to my defense i didn't know i was doing it at the time. i had just made up in my mind, that i was going to find a nice girl to hang with & we'll see from there. but marriage was NEVER on the table. until i met, heartless..

Heartless: Bad News : Coldest Winter

"in the night, i hear'em talk, the coldest story ever told. somewhere far along this road he lost his soul. to a woman so heartless..how could you be so heartless" - Heartless

"didn't you know, i was waiting on you? waiting on a dream that'll never come true. didn't you know, i was waiting on you? my face turned to stone, when i heard the news..when you decide to break the rules? cause i just heard some real bad news...people will talk like it's old news. i played it off and act like i already knew. let me ask you, how long have you known dude? you played it off and act like he's brand new..when you decide to break the rules? cause i just heard some real bad news..." - Bad News

"only lonely nights, i start to fade. her love's a thousand miles away. memories made in the coldest winter. goodbye my friend, will i ever love again? memories made in the coldest winter.."- Coldest Winter

ok, mrs. X (code name for my ex-wife), totally fooled me. anyone who knows me, knows from the beginning i said, "i'm going to marry her". within a few weeks of talking/dating. i claimed her as my girlfriend, shortly after my fiance, then my wife. we had a beautiful son & started our life together. that's when the shit hit the fan. she became heartless, & hit me with some real bad news which started the coldest winter.

Welcome to Heartbreak:

"and my head keeps spinning. can't stop having these visions, i gotta get with it.." -welcome to heartbreak

after mrs. X decided she wanted to start a new relationship during our current one. i entered true heartbreak. i'm a traditional guy. i only wanted to be married once. i only wanted to have children with one woman. how can one person screw up what you want in life for you? although she left me with a beautiful son, she took away everything else i felt i had. i admit i was prepared to go into a full nervous breakdown because i was going through some things health wise at the same time. but thanks to my family & some real good friends i made it through this time w/o a love lockdown. instead...

See You In My Nightmare:

"i got my life, and it's my only one. i got the night, i'm running from the sun. so tonight i'm running headed out the door....after tonight there will be no return, after tonight i'm taking off on the road.....and that you know....tell everybody that you know. that i don't love you no more. and that's one thing that you know, that you know. okay i'm back up on my grind. you do you, and i'm just gonna do mine. you do you. cause i'm just gonna be fine. OK, i got you out my mind. the night is young. the drinks is cold. the stars is out. i'm ready to go. you always thought i was always wrong. but now you know. tell everybody, everybody that you know. tell everybody that you know. that i don't love you no more. and that's one thing that you know, that you know."

"you got the right to put up a fight, but not quite. cause you cut off my light. but my sight, is better tonight. and i might...see you in my nightmares. but how did you get there. cause we we're once a fairytale..but this is farewell...yea..."
"baby girl i'm finished, i thought we were committed.i thought we were cemented, ooh we thought we meant it. but now we just repenting. and now we just resenting. the clouds was in my vision, look at how high that i be getting. and it's all because of you. girl we through, you think your shit don't stank but you are miss P-U. and i don't see you, with me no more. but tell everybody that you know...that you know..." - See You In My Nightmares

this song says it all. nothing else i have to say...

Street Lights

"let me know, do i still have time to grow. things aren't always set in stone. let me know. let me know. let me...seems like streetlights, glowing. happen to be just like moments, passing in front of me. so i hopped in the cab, and i paid my fare. see i know my destinations, but i'm just not there....in the streets. i'm just not there, in the streets, life just not fair.." - Street Lights

after the realization that life has to go on. i had to start over. i knew where i was going, just had to figure out how to get there. a life as a single man, after you've been married is crazy. you have that horrible "divorced" stigma attached to you. you have a child, that you have to raise as a single father instead of how you envisioned. i knew God had taken care of me, allowed me to rid myself of mrs. X, without ridding myself of "me". so i knew the next chapter of my life was going to happen, just wasn't sure how yet...

Say You Will: RoboCop: Paranoid:

dating when you're separated SUCKS! women don't really want to come near you because you're "still married"or they think they're your "rebound girl". i guess no one understands what place that puts you in. it's like, mrs. X is with her new dude..engaged. and every girl you talk to and explain your situation is "side eyeing" you like..."negro please.." lol. after my divorced i was armed with the bias that "it will not happen again...". so all women that follow will have a harder time loving me, convincing me & fooling me.

" hey, hey, hey..don't say you will. unless you will. hey, hey, hey..don't say you will. they play you will. i pray you will." - Say You Will

after you've been in a committed situation. you look at dating different. i'm not looking for some chick who just wants to date me. i not the same single i was years ago. so it's hard finding women who are on the same path. a lot of times, they "say they will" but they aren't ready to make that step with you.

"bout the baddest girl i ever seen..straight out a movie scene. who knew she was a drama queen...that would turn my life to stephen king. up late at night, like she on patrol. checking everything like i'm on parole. i told her it's some things she don't need to know. okay, okay, okay.... cause i don't want no robocop, your moving like a robocop. when did you become a robocop, now i don't need no robocop." - Robocop

i'm also not about being checked. i think a lot of women lack trust, therefore they want you in their back pocket. they want to know everything you're doing, when, how, & why. which causes unnecessary drama, drama i'm not used to because i've never been in a situation where a chick didn't trust me before. i'm from the old school, where you trust until you have a reason not to. i trusted mrs. X, she didn't sneak behind my back she did everything in front of my face. it was the trust i had that allowed her to do so. but i wasn't wrong in trusting her, she was wrong in betraying that trust. so when a woman doesn't trust me to the point where she's a robocop, it's def not a good look.

"why are you so paranoid...don't be so paranoid.... all of the time, you wanna complain about the nights alone. so now your here with me, stressing about it, you shoulda left that attitude way back at home. you see'em look crazy, let'em look, get you cold look, cause we look cold. yeah, you heard about all the word of mouth. don't worry about what we can't control..." -Paranoid

again..chicks are so paranoid. i hate when a woman listens to her friends about you. most times their friends only know "hsots" (her side of the story), and speak out the wrong sides of their mouth. i'm a busy guy....i work a lot, i have a son (which i have solely 5days a week), and i have family responsibilities. i hate when a woman doesn't get that. when they aren't appreciative of the things you do for them. all they do is complain about what you don't do.

Pinocchio Story:

"wise men say...you'll never figure out real love...i got the whole world figured out...but i could never seem to find what real love was about. "do you think i sacrifice real life for all the fame...& flashing lights." - Pinocchio Story

i'm still trying to figure out love. what i'm suppose to do, how i'm suppose to do it. what will make a woman truly happy, gracious, & love me the way i want to be wanted. my work, does get in a way. i spend months locked in the studio, unable to give all the quality time i need to. this isn't a hobby tho. it's what pays my bills, provides for my son, and my other love. it's what has loved me since i was born...and until you "say you will...", you're gonna have to understand that!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

fresh in my white tee..

now i'm not a fashion guru..i'm straight after all. i'm not into being flashy & fly...but i do know how to dress. recently on a friend's journal i had a discussion with a few young ladies about fashion. they we're commenting on a guy's refusal to wear anything other than white tees, jeans, jackets, & fitted hats.

my style..a cross between skater/backpacker/southern/prep/rockstar. meaning most of my attire consist of shorts, khakis, t-shirts (with messages), polos, & sneakers w/no socks. that's a daily thing. this doesn't fair well with chicks i date.

simply because women, take time to look nice for you. yes 2 -3 hours prep time is spent doing something useful while making us late to whatever the hell it is we're trying to go to. as a man, ladies..i truly do appreciate that! but come on, just because you wanna wear a dress to the movies..why does that mean i have to wear a button up? i'm saying are we going to a play or the $5.75 matinee at AMC? the two young ladies i was "discussing" (i say discussing..we actually were hijacking someone else's post and commenting back & forth to one another) were saying:

how convo started:

"Lastly, he doesn’t feel like he should step it up. You know hard bottoms, button ups, ties, sweaters, blazers, etc.? He says he doesn’t wear that shit because when he puts it on he feels like he looks like everyone else and that’s not him therefore if he can’t get in ‘wherever’ without some custom sneakers....and his jeans/tee/jacket/fitted that place aint for him! "

first young lady :responded: "I mean it takes a REAL man to be able to dress like everyone else and still stand out..."

second young lady :responded: "Like foreal dude someone need to tell him that ummmm PEOPLE WITH REAL JOBS HAVE TO WEAR HARD BOTTOMS LOL..! NOT SOME HOURLY PAID SHIT I'M TALKING SOME 401K i'M GOING TO RETIRE FROM HIS TYPE JOB.."

" i " :responded: "i'm sorry, but i agree with his fashion stance. i think it's lame to dress like everyone else. it shows no character or sign of personality. a real man defines who he is. a real man stands on his own. dressing like everyone else = follower, and professes you have the inability to dress like an individual. unless i'm in high school and uniforms are mandatory, my ability to be an individual is limitless. meaning, i don't have to dress like everyone else, so why would i choose to?

well i wasn't expecting the first young lady to get back at me. but she then launches in on me telling me her boyfriend dresses up everyday for his career. actually quote: " because my bf gets dressed to the nines everyday for his CAREER...notice I didn't say job" i'm sitting there like, what she trying to say..."i don't have a career..cause i don't dress up". i also had let the second young lady go, until my gmail started blinking with a reply notice from that post.

i was quick to say, "what does having a career have to do with how someone dresses? if you said your dude dresses to the nine because he likes to i would have left it alone. but you said he does it for his career. so he's conforming to the standards of his job, correct? or is he sitting around the crib in button ups & suits?"

the conversation ended with her telling me she understood where i was coming from so me & her both stop going gangsta on one another. but i'm saying...

why is what you wear so important to others? why do girlfriends, try to change our attire to something completely different then what we're accoustom to? it's bad enough when you talk to a woman not from the south she stereotypes you as a bad dresser off gate. "you guys in the south wear those bright colors (and i must admit i do love yellow & orange)...i dunno about yall". but when it goes from your clothes to your hair, facial hair, jewelry..where does it stop?

i told my girlfriend that i was rocking "my country bear" style. that consist of me growing out my hair..curly & bushy. a little beard here, a little beard there. and she greeted me with a "eehhh....?" not "eww nasty" but "eehhh..don't you know better". um, no i don't know better cause the last time i checked it was my head. my face. i don't meet you at your salon or the "golden tweezer" shop telling you how to groom yourself. why you being my "phone barber" like i called you for a consultation? it wasn't a question. i didn't want you to suggest anything else to me. i was simply telling you what it's looking like over on this end...

i'm saying...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

no posing zone

you ever encounter someone who just poses the fuck outta everything? it's like you never have a "normal" minute with them being themselves?

there's nothing wrong with "being self confident" but there is a line between confidence and arrogance. me, i'm not a fan of arrogance. but what ups the ante even more is when someone is arrogant and has NOTHING to be arrogant about.

i'm sure you know somebody like that because they are running around rampant like the swine flu. they sneak up on you (because you think they are normal ppl...), get into your system (with all their hateration), and make you sick to the point you fear death.

i unfortnately encounter clowns like this on an everyday basis. most times they start off trying to be my "friend". first comes "impress you" mode. this is where they try to tell you all the things yall have in common. the way i feel is, if you have to tell me then we really don't have that shit in common. somewhere they get lost in the sauce and start exaggerating on their knowledge. the worst part, i don't even ask them in the first place. it's like, ok. you say you do this. i'm gonna let you have that, bro. why you gotta make things worse and expound on this bullshit you're saying?

after "impress you" mode is over. it's "use you mode". this is where they try to get any & everything they possibly can out of you. this is probably the main reason i'm reluctant to reach out and trust people. as a young man, i was a bit spoiled. my parents didn't go overboard but i had a lot of things other's didn't have. so i was the victim of "friends being friends for what you have, instead of generally liking you for who you are" A LOT. so i'm quick to spot users, i'm also very quick to group you as a user unless i can explain to myself the reasons you're coming at me. so when these "posers" switch to "user mode" that's when it becomes personal to me. at this point, you've stepped over the line of..."you could have posed all you wanted over there, but now you done came over here w/that shit, really?". i'm usually a very generous guy. and if you're my friend there isn't much i won't do for you. but i lose all patience & respect for people who try to get shit out of me, by using me. always want you to "hook me up", "slide me a song", or "give me money ".

after the "use you mode" stage they get to the "i.d.n.y." stage. that is the "i don't need you" stage. where their ego gets the best of them. before this point, if i'm still fooling with them..i'm nice about it. but this is absolutely the last stage for me. once you're "too big" for me because you've gotten an attitude i won't help you. that's when you need to be "too done talking to me" cause to hear someone who failed to "impress you" & "use you" and then tell you "i.d.n.y." it's like y-tf, am i still dealing with you? take your ass on off to your pretend multimillion dollar lifestyle, with your pretend friends, & your pretend talent. go head wipe your ass on Mcdonald's napkins, but tell me you drinking Ace in the clubs. go head and be without lights/cable/a phone for 2 months, but telling me you about to cop you a new ride. go head banging out songs on your fisher price keyboard to the same fucking melody and telling me you in the studio everynight. nigga i'm in the studio everyday...where the fuck you at?

stop posing. just love yourself. be yourself. stop trying to have a life that you aren't working to get. stop posing & just do it bro.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Die Hard Atlanta...

tonight i had tickets to the hawks vs. cavaliers game. court side atlanta, what could be better? well the final score was, 97 -82 (cleveland). so i guess the answer to the question was.."the hawks could have won..." lol. i can't hate the boy Lebron is a bad bad man. just as i gave props to dwayne wade, i got to give props where they are due. that man wants it, this year. and i'm betting on Cleveland to go all the way.

does this effect my atlanta standing? hell naw. i'm die hard atlanta. born & raised. i've been repping the hawks, falcons, & braves for years and always will. yea, my fav. players were M.Jordan, I.Thomas, & R.Miller, but my teams has always and will always be atlanta. i'm not a bandwagon jumper. we may not have it this year, but it's coming. and when it gets here.....i'll still be standing here with my hawks, falcons, or braves fitted low cocked to the side.

Friday, May 1, 2009

guess you special, and i'm not?

something that drives me crazy about people....is the fact that they think they deserve treatment they don't give you. it's like, i can call someone twice. once because i was trying to get at them. again, to leave them that "i was trying to get at you, but you weren't available..i'm kinda upset about that" message. they explain it away with a bullshit reason and it's supposed to be cool.

yet this same person. when in distress will call me 11,000 times, leave tons of messages, leave those annoying text "PLEASE CALL" messages your voicemail offers as an option, text you with "i'm trying to call you..." as if they are the police and it's official business. am i the only person who hates that? am i the only person who ignores the fuck out of them for doing that? that is except my mom and she's a chronic abuser of this fact.

i'm saying i hate people who think they are special & you're not. that's an any area, for example:

  • everyone has that friend that will call you at ungodly times of the night to complain about the most trivial shit in the world. they want you to listen. keyword, listen..as in not talk & give them the same advice they gave you last week when you wanted to talk to them about the SAME shit. all of a sudden "insert subject" is the worst thing in the world and them writing it off last week, is now null & void...in their situation.

  • you have a friend that highlights your flaws. yet the second you say anything to them it's a cry-bitchfest and they can't believe you said or think that about them. it's like come on, please get a life & another zip code.

  • you meet someone & they totally pass judgement about you at first glance. happens all the time to me. i'm at a friend's party...i'll be introduced as such and such cousin or friend. they'll ask me what i do, and i'll respond i work in music. now if i was going to pookie's bbq or a regular house party, i'm sure i'd run into a lot of "i work in music" types (on various levels). but you automatically get that look like..."oh yea my cousin's boyfriend's uncle makes beats". then they go right back to their, "intelligence bowls"...where they try to quiz and test each other's knowledge of random ass tidbits. give them about 10 minutes and they want to become a music critic. they'll sit there discussing gangster rap vs. r&b these days..etc. and then turn to me and ask me what i think...are you serious? that's when you gotta floss...first off, you got your degree in what? history, huh?..okay well i have an engineering degree from Ga Tech. fuck with it. that ring you got on your finger, i got 4 of them in my ear right now (8, if you count the other side). fuck with it. you're cousin's boyfriends uncle does music, huh? me & him is not the same. fuck with it.
  • and my most hated "you think you're so special moment". when you're waiting in line for some shit. and you've been there forever. and someone walks their ass to the front of the line and says, "oh..i just have to ask them a question real quick"...dude..you're question gonna have to wait in the back of the line. i'm saying..

i agree with diddy on this one thing..."no more bitchassness". i say we have a "no bitchassness" day where we get a "slap a bitch" pass. not a "bitch" as in a female. a bitch as in a bitch...and yall know what i'm talking about. just a slap hard enough to knock their ass back into reality. so come on diddy..let's gooooo! (you start with Day26..then yourself for allowing Day26 to be on tv like that, then MTV for allowing all yall to be on like that...don't worry about the girls..dwoods can slap aubrey can slap dawn can slap andrea and so forth and so forth..).