Sunday, October 31, 2010

make me want you...

yea. yea. yea. i want you for you. i love you for you. but sometimes, i want you to make me want "that" way. yanno "that" way.

i want you to shave all those places. make it nice and smooth for me. so my fingers can glide uninterrupted to all those areas. feeling your soft slopes, crevices, openings..

i want you to let your hair down. whip it around. go head. let me watch you...i know it's not an everyday pass, but today let me play in your hair. run my fingers through it, caress it, brush it behind your ear, away from your face....pull it. i don't care if it's permed, natural, yours, or paid for...let me touch it.

let me touch you. smell you. you always smell so good, but today i want you to spray that sweet scent you're always wearing in different spots and let me search and sniff them out. i bet you i find every spot. maybe even some you didn't even spray. i can't help it, i don't play by the rules. so punish me.

tease me. make me watch you take off your clothes. s - l - o - w. yanno you have me captivated, because my eyes follow you like an eye exam. examining every inch of exposed skin, till all you're wearing is a smile. my smile, your smile..either is fine with me. put on that secret in the closet. some say it's victoria's secret, but i ain't never see no chick name victoria look as sexy as you do right now. so i'ma say it's your come whisper it to me. whisper in my ear, you want me. whisper you love me. whisper, "grrrr". just say that sexy shit and follow it with your lips on my neck, hands on my chest, body on my body.

i wanna look in your eyes while you kiss me. i love how beautiful you are naturally. but i do appreciate how sexy you look in your make up. your eyes are intoxicating. i literally get lost between blinks. trying to focus on your pretty eyes, while you bite your lower lip. playing tug a war with them as we exchange kisses, like we've never kissed before. give it back. breath. cause you take it away every time you lips come into contact with mine. if you can't tell by now...i want you. i want you like i've never wanted anyone else before.

caress my face. wrap your arms around my neck. show me you want me too. that you like my hands on you. my lips on you. my *ahem* against you. undress me. touch me. show me you like it. you want it. you need it. let's explore together. all naked everything. let me remove that sexy piece of lace between us, so there are no more secrets. no more barriers. nothing stopping us. i do want you to make me me want you...but i must admit.

i already do.

[october challenge: day#31]


Monique said...

Can I like and dislike you at the same time? LOL Good post.

Freckles said...

Great post. I am mildly motivated.

Eyes on the Prize said...

That was kind of beautiful...


"give it back. breath. cause you take it away every time you lips come into contact with mine"

That's probably my fave line in this post! I would fall out if some dude said this to me...if I liked him back of course.

Anonymous said...

It always feels good to be wanted and even better to want them in return

Anonymous said...

"i don't care if it's permed, natural, yours, or paid for...let me touch it."

Ha haaa!

Qu33n Kam... said...

All naked everything yessssssss!!!! This was so sexy I loved it,, kinda made me horny lol

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@monique: you are NOT allowed to dislike me at

@freckles: glad i mildly motivated you..

@eyes on the prize: thanks..i'm glad you liked that line.

@luvlymskrissy:always better to be wanted in return.

@i'm alee: i'm saying. i'm not pressed on the hair thing. just let me pull it.

@qu33n kam: thank you..that's a great response.

Qu33n Kam... said...

Seriously,, lol it made me feel like damn I want that kinda loving right now!!