Thursday, October 7, 2010

#twitterkills thursday 43

#twitterkills thursday 43 topic of the week: inspirational tweet overload.

you ever been on twitter and you saw one inspirational quote and was like...oh ok.."that's cool". then you see another? then another. then it's sister & it's brother?

i'm all down for the inspirational quotes cause once someone gets on a roll in my topic of choice i'm hitting the RT button too. but you ever had one person that just finds EVERY inspirational tweet and tweets it nonstop. they aren't even one of the generic accounts like: @freequotes, @ihatequotes, @quotestacks, etc.. they are @freddiemackjr or @insationalboo..some shit like that (making those names up don't follow them looking for and they just keep RT inspirational tweets from every "mini ghandi", "fake rev run", or "let me fix your soul" types. then you see their other tweets and it's like, "yall hoe as motherf@#%ers.. need to get on my level.". so you don't really accept that inspirational from that vehicle. at least you don't accept the constant inspiration from that vehicle. cause i be thinking to myself...ok. you got on your shit today. but if you do that shit tomorrow. or the next day i'ma have to hit. . . unfollow. seriously. cause everyone is not meant to be inspirational. shit like, "if you get a girl pregnant and she keep it..say thank God". um. ok. that's nice and shit. but that's not really inspirational. it's kinda ghetto, but nice. i'm just saying.

people find the most random shit inspirational & that's great. but seriously, let's limit it to about 5 tweets a day max. even if someone is on your shit. don't go over 5 inspirational tweets in one day. that's all the "nice" shit anyone else following you can take. after 5...we start thinking negative thoughts. like.."fuck this chick....she filling my timeline with this shit". or "i wish dude would go ahead and break up with his girlfriend so he'll get off this shit". it becomes non-inspirational. all we want to do is like punch our computer screen, drop our phones, and unfollow you after a while. it's kinda working the opposite way. so be kind...get back on your hoe shit after 5, please.  we'll appreciate your hoe shit so much more, after you take it away for a few minutes.

"learning from other's in inspirational teaching, can be eye opening and foolish at the same time...." -twitter fortune cookie *POW*


Krissy said...

Don't keep adding things to the list of reasons I hardly use twitter. Lol. I already told you the thing I hate most is that twitter is that its become and instant messenger

Sumtinknew said...

Hilarious! Let me follow you on twitter too.

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@krissy: stop hating on there is annoying shit, but for the most part it's entertainment.

@sumtiknew: thanks..and thanks for the follow. i followed you back.