Saturday, January 14, 2012 have a problem.

so yanno i love you right? and under no other circumstances would i be exposing you to innocent ribbing and extreme laughter. but, have a problem.

now i'm not saying you give bad gifts. or that you give used gifts. i'm just saying your attention to detail is a bit off. which is quite unusual since your attention to detail at work has to be so keen. it's leading me to think that you do these things on purpose to make me laugh. yanno, to aid in me thinking you have a great sense of humor since we both know your jokes tend to be a 

now that i've smoothed out my approach to this subject. I just want to let y'all know that my girlfriend honestly makes me laugh like no one's business. but it's usually because of something she does, says, or in this case "gives me". i'm the funny one in the relationship. she gets her jokes in here and there. but usually if i had a "bong" i'd hit it after her punchlines. i know you guy are like..."get to the point"..well she is in violation of regifting. like i said not giving me a gift someone else gave her. but failing to realize what she's given me.

for instance. she has given me the same birthday card for the past 3 years. how in the hell she could possibly find the same card 3 years in a idea. and no it's not the one card recycled i actually have 3 seperate cards that are exactly the same. but she did. and every year she has no CLUE it's the same card. She's also done that for valentine's day. maybe...just maybe the card says how she REALLY feels and jumps off the shelf and into her hand every year...i dunno. we'll have to ask her on my birthday or valentine's day when she gives me the same card again...

i'm a very sentimental guy. and if i get a card, a note, whatever..i'll keep it. if i'm with you i got everything you gave me. so this i was putting my gifts away. i looked at the gift bag she gave me and was going to take the little "complimentary" card they give you on the handle and to my disbelief it had 

to: my "girlfriend's name"         from: my "girlfriend's friends name"

negro....the hell you ain't realize your friend had wrote on the card on the giftbag? that's reusing a giftbag 101 etiquette. if you gonna reuse, make sure the other person doesn't know you reused. i haven't even told her ass she did it. i'm just going to wait and give her the bag for valentine's day or something. lol

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

happy new year

hello. . . . is it me you're looking for?

i know i fell off, december just wasn't a blogging type month. i was a slave to my parents one week. my uncle passed the next week. i was playing santa & spending time with the family. but i promise i got that "good good"... coming soon. and manfive around the corner, and i got something great lined up for that.

so here's to a new, new year....more blogging, less explaining.