Saturday, October 30, 2010

men don't take baths..

there are two reasons a man can be in a bathtub.
  • he needs to soak an injury
  • he's having sex in the tub
if you walk in the bathroom and your dude is just sitting in the tub like in what world do men sit in the bathtub and "relax"?..

i have dust on my bathtub. like seriously it never gets used. the only person who takes a bath in my house is my son. he's four.

taking baths, like wearing dresses are for women. don't let your man practice unmanly behaviors. don't let him toss around in your bath salts. lay on the tub pillow. lounge in a tub of suds. that ain't sexy.

men are dirty. dirty, dirty dirty. at the end of the day who wants to be sitting in a stew of their entire day? who wants to watch the dirt leave their body and just float around them like they're in a swamp? only way it's allowed is if the lights are dimmed. candles are lit and there is a woman on top of you. you're not actually supposed to get clean in a tub.

if he ain't in there with epsom salt. or with you...tell him to man up. tell him to get some body wash, an axe scrubber and clean his balls like a man. not boil them in hot water like a punk.

[october challenge: day#30]


xxxx said...

lmao you are a mess.. my x said the same thing.. people period are not supposed to take bathes because they are bathing in dirt.. lol

UglyCleanBroke87 said...

LOL @ this post. I don't take baths either. The thought of bathing in my own dirt is disgusting. The only people who should take baths are babies and old people.

LaLa said...

LOL...this is scary cause the BF takes bath's. you're making me want to break up with him.

Anonymous said...

To say that people in general shoudn't take baths is kind of ridiculous...

I don't understand the concept of "laying in your own dirt." I start every day off with a warm bubble bath and the water is NEVER dirty. I sometimes have to wipe the excess bath oil out of the bottom of the tub but that's as dirty as it gets. If you bathe every single day, I don't see how you could be so filthy that you are soaking in your own dirt.

sunshinestar110 said...

lol @ this mess!! why is taking a bath just to relax such a huge problem? please enlighten me!

Anonymous said...

@Alee I'm sayin! I'm not stewing in my own dirt because I'm not dirty when I hop in the tub. Lol

I however don't know any men who take baths like to actually wash up. To soak, yea but not to bathe. Its a man thing. I believe they all this its a womans thing to do.

Eyes on the Prize said...

A stew of dirt? LOL.

Ok I gotta take a poll on this because I never heard this take on it.


tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@xxxx: yup yup...bathing i a swamp filled dirt pond

@uglycleanbroke87: yup..babies and old people. lol

@lala: *smh*...better hide your bath salts..don't trust

@i'm alee: i don't have a problem with women taking baths. it's men that should never take baths.

@sunshinestar110: it's not...unless you're a man. that's the not right. you know it's not right.

@luvlymskrissy: it's def a woman's thing.

@eyes on the prize: yes..take a poll. let me know the results. lol

Qu33n Kam... said...

Lmfao at this post I don't see why a man would wanna get in any tub other than a hot tub with a hot girl in it!!