Tuesday, October 5, 2010

feeling on your boobies...

we have to stop the stigma that "feeling on yourself" is wrong. so for all of you ladies, who need some help. know that it can be a joint project. get the man in your life involved. trust me, a man will feel and memorize every inch of your body. so when something is different, something has changed...he will notice.

most of you know my father is an oncologist. in laymen terms...a cancer doctor. which is another reason i'm so anti-smoking. after seeing so many people suffer with a disease that could be prevented or caught early...i have no idea why people don't take it serious. it's your life. it's not only going to effect you, it's going to effect everyone who cares about you.

so check your breast. get your check-ups. switch it up and check your dude. men can get breast cancer too. men need to check for lumps too. make him go to the doctor. these are things that you don't think about until it's progressed or it's too late. don't let it be too late.  so feel each other up. make something that could save your life a fun activity between you and your man/woman. don't be too scared to save your own life. cancer is NOT a death sentence. there are many survivors. they are many people who have beat it and who live long lives with it. be pro-active. if you have a family history, make sure you do everything possible to catch it early. early detection makes a difference. you can beat it, if you treat it.

[october challenge: day#5]

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~Sheila~ said...

You need somebody to check your boobies for you?

I'll take one for the team!!