Saturday, October 2, 2010

anatomy of friendship...

so what are my friend requirements? the friend i am to you. i tend to attract people with like personalities. it's always something familiar about them. anyone i've ever been "real" friends with we click immediately.

it's just something that happens. i don't have any stories where, we used to hate each other. or we used to fight over the same girl. or we used to never speak to one another, but saw each other everyday in passing. anyone i'm "real" friends with we had some kinda bond as soon as i met them.

that's what is so great about my friends. it's like family. it's like they are siblings. yes, sometimes they can piss me off. but when it's all said or done, if they need me i'm there. that's where i separate "real" friends from associates. real friends are the one's who'll listen to me bitch and moan about my chick, my problems, my health, my road rage, may not be the most interesting shit in the world, but when they know it's important to's important to them.

i was talking to one of my friends one time and she said, "tell me a joke...i'm sad". and i told her a joke. and she cracked the fuck up. it wasn't cause the joke was the funniest shit in the world. but she said, "a real friend is someone who will tell you a joke when you ask them to...". a "real friend" is someone who gets you. gets what you need in the moment. no one has the right things to say all the time. no one can lift you out your funk. but it's the people who care enough to try. the people who know you well enough to know when they need to give you your space. the people who know that regardless of rifts that you'll always be friends. i got friends who are pissed at me now. but i know as well as they do, that when all is said and done...we'll be right back to being friends again. my "real" friends will always be my friends. you can't get rid of friends, because if you were never really friends to begin with.


Krissy said...

"you can't get rid of friends, because if you were never really friends to begin with. "

Now that's some true shit right there! Enough said.

sunshinestar110 said...

I have to agree with Krissy with that one!

to be honest thats all yo really needed to post was that quote!

Monique said...

i'm with Krissy. That is a true friend.

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@krissy: it's a true statement. and pretty sums up how i feel about friendship. if i can move on and not think about you, not care, not be there..then you were never really important. even my arch enemies that i can't stand for whatever reason..i still have that inside friend in me that wants to be there for them. it's a fight in me to keep from running to their rescue. i feel like even if it's'll always know who your friends are/were.

@sunshinestar110: so you trying to say i wasted all those other paragraphs? agree tho. that's the gist of what i'm was saying. but yanno me, i gotta finesse shit.

@monique: glad we all agree on that.