Tuesday, October 19, 2010

mr. fix it...


how you doing?

just call me mr. fix it.

i heard you had a few things broken. and needed someone to come through and fix them. i got all the right tools and i know how to use them.

*pulling out my checklist*

has he made you insecure? he never told you how pretty you are, did he? how cute your smile is when you say "hello". i could get lost for days in your eyes. each blink is hypnotic, your lash to eye ratio is perfect. i even love how that carmex glistens on your lips. with ever word, i time like double dutch for my moment. the moment i can jump in and kiss you. i want to make you feel the way a man should make a woman feel. and that's appreciated. beautiful. loved. wanted. needed. i can't take back the damage he's done. but i can make it better. i want to help you see you again...will you let me fix that?

*looking at list*

did he convince you, you'd never love again. or that no one would love you like him. well he was right, no one will love you like him. nor should they. you deserve better. you deserve a man who's going to make you feel good about yourself, not one who has to make you feel unworthy. did he crush your spirit? did he tell you that "you" were the reason he did all the fucked up shit he's done? see guys like him are used to blaming other people. that's just codename for "he got overwhelmed and couldn't be a man about it". he tried to break you down so you'd think he was worthy enough to be with you. don't let his shortcomings scare you from love. all the things you wanted with him, you can still have and a whole list of other things that weren't possible with him. don't let him hold you hostage from love. let me free you, allow me to fix it for you....

*checking off list*

wow, he really did a number on you. he broke it, and took some of the pieces with him. what a jerk! here's a band-aid. in fact here's two. i'm gonna put this one here & this one there, to form a "X" right over your heart. i want to mark the spot, so i know exactly where i need to be. this type of job takes time. it takes patience. you can get those pieces back, but not all at once. so i'll wait. i'll give you all the things he didn't. love, attention, affection, understanding, forgiveness, you name it...if you need it, i'll give it. i just want to mend your heart. i just want to make you whole,again. let me fix it.

[cctober challenge: day#19]


~Sheila~ said...


You're making me blush.

That was nice man.

Jen said...

You said, "your lash to eye ratio is perfect."

Boy stopppp! I hate you.

Keep up the good work, brother.

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@sheila: *stops it*..lol thanks.

@jen: why you gotta hate me? yanno you have to appreciate the little things. and, thanks sis.

stephanie said...

love love respect love :)

Adabelle said...

your writing is amazing!
i hope whoever you end up with appreciates the lengths you would go through for them :)

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

This is just so...damn it man. Hopeful romantic...now where the #!*@ is he so I can feel all mushy and 'ish everyday!?

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@stephanie: thanks.

@adabelle: thank you. i appreciate that. and i hope that person appreciates it to. lol

@starrla monae: you trying to feel all mushy?

sunshinestar110 said...

i agree with starrla where is my mr fix it @? *sobs* he is needed!

Tauni said...

Careful some Mr. fix it's are a cover up for Mr.sly mooch! Always keep your eye's open;0)