Sunday, July 22, 2012

what i was looking for. . .

are your lips lonely?
do you mind if i introduce them to mine..
your wondering hands are restless...
do you mind if i give them a place to rest?
your heart is racing...
do you mind if mine joined in and they ran off together? someone grab a straight jacket cause i'm crazy about you. every second you're away the counter in my heart clicks away it's been 1 month, 3 weeks, 1 day, 6 hours, 34 minutes, and 42..43..44 secs since i've been close to you. i just want to reach out and touch you, hold you, kiss you, _ _ _ _ you...and a lot of random other things i like to do to and with you. can you smell the obsession on me? no not the cologne the scent of "i want you so bad it hurts to look at the moon because i get jealous it sees you every night and i don't" that lingers on my t-shirt that you cling to when i leave. i love you. i'm in love with you. that's the bridge i've went over and burned behind me..cause i'm not looking back. i bought a one way ticket to your love. no trip insurance, no refunds, no exchanges. my love train is headed toward your station....choo choo. i'm not slowing down. destination love land. i can't wait to ride your rides. eat your concessions. and look at all of the attractions. 

what do you say when "i love you" is not enough. when there are no words that can come close to explaining how i feel right now. " _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _    _  _ _ _ " fill in the blanks with anything you feel appropriate. anything that sounds awesome. anything that you want to hear. because i'm out of compliments. how many times can i call you beautiful, pretty, amazing, lovely, sexy, dazzling, gorgeous, ravishing, stunning, exquisite, alluring, or enticing? i feel like i say it're probably tired of hearing it. so i'm going to just start acting out my feelings....*points at you...breathes out....breath flutters away...i reach out take it and put it in my pocket", get it "breathtaking"..that's what you are. and i'm a little lame for that, but i don't care. as long as you understand how i feel. i went searching for love and i found you. you're what i was looking for. 

day#7: sweet talk week

Saturday, July 21, 2012

the way i feel.....

my life is better
whenever you're around
my heart is alive 
my soul is on fire
i feel electric 
powered by desire
fueled by passion
driven by emotions 
you take me there
higher than the clouds
further than the sky
out of this atmosphere 
i feel like i can fly
if my eyes are a window 
to my heart & my soul
then my window's wide open
because there is no door
no walls
no obstructions
no uncertainty
i know for sure
it's you..i want & need
my choice is you
there is no second
no runner ups
just you 
for me
i stake my claim
i scream to the world
i love this woman
i love her more than
numbers i could count
days i could live
or things i could do
if i dived into the deepest ocean
i could never swim to the depth 
of my love for you
if i walked into a burning building
i could never match 
the fire that burns in my heart for you
if i wished upon a star
i'd merely be wishing upon you
for you are the decoration in my sky
the wish that came true
this is only a fraction 
of the way i feel
for you..

day#6: sweet talk week

Friday, July 20, 2012

old school love

i want that old thing back...
that old school loving
when i see a pretty woman
i know how to approach you
stop you by saying: 
"excuse me pretty lady

my name is . . .

i couldn't let you walk by 
without telling you how beautiful you are"
and instead of you taking it as a pick-up line
you actually knows how to take a sincere compliment
you smile
and introduce yourself 
i want to be able to ask you out for lunch
maybe a movie
or a drink
without you assuming my intentions are wrong
i want to show up with flowers 
open your door
pay for the date
walk you to your door
instead of pulling up at your house 
and letting you walk alone
i want to respect your boundaries
court you
show you what dating is
show you what a man does when he's interested in you
not what he does when he just wants to have sex with you
i want to meet your friends
meet your parents
go through all of the avenues of a relationship
i want to show you i'm a provider
that i can take care of you
and i want you to let me take care of you
i want to buy a ring
get down on one knee
and ask you to marry me
first comes love
then comes marriage
then we can talk about the babies
in the carriage
i want to be your partner
your best friend
and stay together
like they used to do it. 
i want that old school love

day# 5: sweet talk week

Thursday, July 19, 2012

i ♥ chocolate ladies..

Hey there chocolate lady
i think you're beautiful
can i get drunk on your chocolate
tipsy on your soul
follow your chocolate with kisses
to the center of your roll

if they tried to make me go to rehab...
i'd say: no, no, no.
i can't give up the chocolate. i love it too much. i'm just naturally drawn to your brown perfection.

there's so much energy spent on trying to categorize you. trying to fit you in a stereotype. when there is no way you could be explained, or contained. the skin you're in is shaded with care. i love your chocolate whether it's with cream and sugar or rich & dark. as i said before "God loved the brown tones so much he kept using the brown crayons to color his people. you've been shaded by God, now tell me that ain't beautiful or you ain't beautiful? ". so come here before hershey kidnaps you for flaunting all that chocolate around. i get a cavity just thinking about you. from latte cocoa mocha to caramel brownie fudge just describing your skin tones sounds delicious. i have a secret to admit. i ♥ looking at you. i know you catch me staring. i can't help it. God, placed you on this earth to be breathtaking to my eyes. he packaged you so uniquely that you'd stand out in the crowd. your hips, lips, curves... memorize me. i lose my concentration, when you walk by. your hair, whether long or short. natural or permed. is a extension of your personality. you wear it, it doesn't wear you. your confidence is sexy. your mind is your power. you're the thread to my fabric, the spider of my web. interlocking, hold me together. you create a foundation that's strong, a love that's unmatched.

see, there are guys out there who are intimidated by you. they lack your drive. they lack your confidence. they lack your strength. don't ever sacrifice any of that to fit in a mold that's too small to hold you. and don't pay a guy any mind when he says he doesn't like, love or want a black woman. this is the kind of guy who'd throw the winning mega millions ticket away. because you possess everything a man could ever want or ever need. so don't let one man's stupidity get you down. there are a lot of of us out here that stan for you. i've been a member of the "love a black woman" team since birth. the woman responsible for me being here is a black woman. the woman responsible for my son being here is a black woman. how could i not love the source of my presence and my future? like i previously said years ago, "don't let anyone tell you there is a boycott on black women. you can't boycott your manufacturer. we are, all of us..because of you. so thank you."

thank you for holding us down...when everyone else gave up on us. thank you for lifting us up when we fell and needed support. thank you for remaining loyal..and loving us the way we should all love you. thank you for nurturing, birthing, raising our children. thank you for wanting more..and pushing for us to be better for ourselves as well as you. you enable us to be greater, stronger, & smarter than we've ever been. so come on chocolate lady, let's go rule the world....

day# 4: sweet talk week

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

fighting i love you...

it's hard for me to let someone in
i've been hurt before
my heart's damaged
i have trust issues
tons of emotional baggage
i keep coming up with reasons
why you can't have all of me
but i can't shake
that feeling
the one where my stomach's in knots
my legs get weak
i get tongue tied
and i fall love with you
it's right there
on the tip of of my tongue
"i love you"
but i can't say it
i can't
because if i say it i set myself up 
to be hurt again
i let someone in
i let you control my heart
my mind
my soul
that's what i need
a reason why i can't dive in
a reason why i can't give in
a reason
why i'm not 
but i am
my hearts already there
i can't stop showing you i love you
even though my words haven't caught up
to my actions
tug of war
with my emotions
back and forth
with my heart
i hear the words leave your mouth
and i'm stuck
in a moment of stillness
where it feels like days of silence
the spotlight shines on me
the darkness clears
and i say it...

i love you too

day#3: sweet talk week

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

love police . .

the on. 
i've got a warrant for your love.
 a ticket for your pleasure.
and a badge that certifies i serve to please.
turn around

s l o w l y

"you have the right to remain silent
..but i prefer if you didn't."
let your dress hit the floor
and let your insecurities go..

"damn you're so beautiful..."

let me make love to your ego
let me stroke it
till you ...
can't take it anymore

your body can't feel what your heart can't see
so tonight 
i want your body to see what your heart feels
close your eyes
let your other senses take over
listen. breathe intaste. feel. 
how much i love you.

let me chase your kisses...

like a game of tag.
i kiss you, you kiss me
we kiss like tomorrow won't happen
and if it does we'll 
start all over

top to bottom
front to back
i want to earn my explorer badge
discover unexplored territory
like the arch of your nose
the crease of your wrist
the tips of your fingers
all of those places you never 
knew could feel so good
i'm not an ordinary 
neglectful lover.
so please forgive me if i linger
 get lost.. 
in you
just whisper... my name
 when i'm there
i'll show you how much i love to hear you say it
how much tolerance i have for pain
as you dig your nails into my back
scream in my ear
pull me closer
it's my pleasure
to deliver you to yours
to protect & serve
your body

day #2: sweet talk week

Monday, July 16, 2012

promises. . .

i'm not the tallest, strongest, or most powerful man, but as long as you allow me i vow to protect your...


i'll only take yours when i give you mine. i promise once you give it to me not to let it go. not to damage, bruise, or break it. to cherish it and never take it for granted. to introduce you to parts of it you've never felt. i promise to keep your secrets and share with you mine. i promise to understand it's been hurt before and to help old wounds heal. i promise to love you completely, unconditionally, and without limits. i promise i will love you even after it stops beating. 


i promise to be your bodyguard. your defensive line. your human shield. whether it's a bullet, a car, a family of rabid raccoon...i'm stepping in front of all of them without hesitation. i promise never to touch you in a way that is violent or unloving. i promise to listen to your concerns or issues when it involves what goes on with your body. i promise to be exclusive. to only share myself with you. i promise to take the precautions needed to protect us both and to love your body as if it were mine. i'll try to keep us out of sketchy situations and if we find ourselves in one, i'll make sure you stay safe. i'll lock the doors when strange people walk by the car. i'll get up even when i know it's nothing downstairs, but you heard a noise and go check it out. i will be your exterminator baby...spiders, bugs, rodents..pets don't stand a chance. i will do everything in my power to make sure you are never harmed. 


i promise to not disrespect you. to check my friends who step over the line. i promise to not get into stupid fights. to ignore that last promise if someone overtly does or says something that i feel as a man i can not allow (put them paws on him...). i promise to ride with you against your friends even when you're wrong #moneyteam.


i promise to love your soul, so when we leave our bodies we will always be in love. i want to establish a spiritual bond that can't be broken. i promise to pray for you, pray with you, and keep God first. I promise to keep God in every aspect of our lives, decisions, & plans.


i will take your feelings at face value. i won't undercut them because they conflict with mine. i will try to listen, understand, and not judge. i promise to take them into consideration before i make decisions whether it effects only me or both of us. i promise to be honest, open, & receptive. i will try my best not to say things out of anger, hurt, or sadness.

these are the ways i will protect you.

day#1: sweet talk week

sweet talk week 2012

some of you may remember this from 2010. as you know i severely started slacking sometime in 2011 with the updates so i never got around to doing one that year. so since i'm feeling it...i'm declaring this week "sweet talk week 2012". 

what is sweet talk week? 

all week i'm going to touch on a different love subject.

it starts monday, july 16 

*if you go to labels on the right side of the page you can click on sweet talk week and view the first edition (it reads better if you scroll all the way down and read from bottom to top).

Saturday, July 14, 2012



i know y'all think i've been slacking. and you're almost correct, except you're not. i have like 10 manfives sitting on ice. they are all in my drafts and i just haven't been feeling any of them for #99. i feel like since it will be the last one before the big one i can't just put up any ol' shit. i want the anticipation for #100 to be so awesome that y'all stop bathing, eating, and working till i post it. well, maybe you can take a

i'm also trying to think of some kind of contest cause i got an awesome prize (well it's awesome to me, that's all that matters) but i want to make it fair to everyone and allow even those folks who know me a little more personally to participate without it seeming like they have an advantage. so i'm currently working on that. 

but i decided to maybe do another sweet talk week. so something is definitely going on this week. not 100% on what...but i will post. about something other than not posting. 

so be on the look out.