Thursday, October 21, 2010

#twitterkills thursday 45

shake dem hater tweeters off...this #twitterkills is dedicated to folks on twitter that take jabs at you but don't talk directly to you.

this week's #twitterkills thursday topic of the week: i want everyone to know i hate you...

it pains me to make this #twitterkill. but it must be done. believe it or's people who take their emotional battles to twitter. they let their bitterness get the best of them. and when they see someone else tweet your name, they can't help but take a jab at you. like it angers them to see your name. so they have to say some out the way shit, just cause. it soothes that stinging feeling they get every time someone else likes you.

example of a twitter jabber:

@goldenmind_: @studiogenius i loved that blog yesterday...
@studiogenius: thanks..i appreciate that
@twitterjabber: @goldenmind_ he gets his blogs off the back of cereal boxes...please don't be impressed
@goldenmind_: lol @twitterjabber, a cereal box..really?
@sheangel1019: @studiogenius congrats on your football game, how many touchdowns did you score?
@twitterjabber: @sheangel1019 none, he sucks. he probably lost the game for his team.
@sheangel1019: @twitterjabber, that's kinda harsh..he sucks? sucks what exactly? lol
@nvfreckles: @studiogenius  so you think you're a champion scrabbler huh?
@studiogenius: i am the champion of
@twitterjabber: @nvfreckles champion? he can't even spell champion.

it doesn't matter the subject. it doesn't matter the person. they won't miss a chance  to hate on you. or to make someone else think less of you, because they don't like you. my question is, why are you following me..if you don't like me? why if i'm not responding to you, are you "jabbing" me? you think other people will think i'm a loser, but honestly you're the one who looks like a loser. jabbing, without reason. jabbing when no one was addressing you..makes you look like you're checking for me. not the other way around. so...*locking*...*loading*...*DM virus time bomb killing you* BlawW

*i thought i had scheduled this to post. and i scheduled for dec. 21, 2010 @ 12:01am. yea, that was my bad. lol..


Anonymous said...

Yet another reason why I no longer have twitter. I just can't with the childishness of it all. I've been in High school once, & I don't want to go back.

~Sheila~ said...

I was all...did I really tweet that?

"Sucks what exactly?"
WOW, not sure if I remember that twit conversation..
...but while we're on the subject...mind filling me in and answering that question?
Either know I'm flattered that you used my
I'm only on twitter to keep up with a few peeps that I wanted to get back in touch with. Those other fools just take up my space. I'm gonna have to downsize (or like you say...twitterkill).

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@i'm alee: aww..twitter really isn't that bad. it's just the same people who bring drama to your regular everyday day..who have nothing better to do than bring it to you on twitter.

@sheila: was a hypothetical convo. but doesn't it seem like something you'd say? go head and start twitterkilling them fools. i'ma stand on the roof and sniperkill them