Friday, October 29, 2010

mr. nice guy

heard you've been looking for me? allow me to introduce myself. i'm mr. nice guy.

i'm a hot commodity. i'm an endangered species. i'm a dream come true.

but you're not ready for me.

right now you're into "him". and it's unfair i have to wait. it's unfair i'll be jilted, mistreated, and looked over until you realize that "he" is not what you need. he's never been what you needed.

he never paid you any attention. never opened any doors. never opened his wallet. never said, "i love you" first. you weren't the first thought on his mind, second or third for that matter. the entire time you were with him, he wouldn't commit to you. wouldn't give you a title. he made you cry. left you alone wondering who he was with. he wasn't with foreplay. pleasing you was a perk, not his goal. he didn't look at you and say everything you needed him to with his eyes. his touch wasn't sincere. his dreams weren't inclusive. he wasn't your friend. yet in want him. you gave him your heart. you gave him your body. you gave him your all. even though he never appreciated it.

yet, my mission is to love you from the start. all the things he wouldn't do, i'd do. all the words he couldn't say, i'd say. i'd listen. i would show you with my words & my actions what a man should be. what kind of man you should want. yet..

you just need me, not want me. and because you don't want continue to choose "him". maybe respecting you, isn't sexy. maybe taking care of you, doesn't turn you on. maybe saying i love you and meaning it, doesn't get you wet. excuse my niceness. i was under the impression that being a nice guy, i'd prevail.

but it feels/seems like all i do is, lose. maybe i should call you out your name? cheat on you? ignore you? continue to fuck up...leave when you need me. because all i get for doing the right thing is trampled over. your heel has driven itself so deep into my heart i can hardly feel it beating anymore. loving you feels wrong, because you won't love me right. it's like the "good guy" in me wants to hang on, but the "good sense" in me continues to ask why?...

why?... respect her, if she doesn't respect herself.

why?... love her, if she doesn't love herself.

why?... treat her right, if she doesn't want to be treated right.

why?... give and not receive.

why?... be a good guy, when bad guys have all the fun.

look at it this way...bad guys are appetizers and/or dessert. he's that piece of chocolate cake. he's that queso dip that you can't get enough of. he's more attractive. he's more appetizing. you order him first, because you assume that's the best part. you indulge yourself with him now. thinking you'll have room left for your main course later. or you leave your main course, to nibble on your dessert. you allow him to spoil your appetite. you pass on better choices because he is enough to satisfy you now.

good guys are the main course,yet you treat us like leftovers. our mission is to satisfy you. our mission is to give you everything you want and need. when you're done with us, you aren't still hungry. you don't need more. but to some, we are too much. you're not ready for an entire meal. so you save us for last. you realize we're the best option. yet, you assume you can come back to us. you assume we'll still be here after you've gained 20 pounds from eating all that cake. as soon as you want more than just queso dip, you're trying to get with the steak & bake potatoes.

see appetizers & desserts are plentiful. they are meant to shared. they aren't meant to be filling. and come standard. the main course is just for you. it's a combination of everything you need. it's meant to be filling. it can change to suit your needs. meant to be enjoyable. meant to last.

like i said before...
i'm a hot commodity. i'm an endangered species. i'm a dream come true.
you're not ready for me now, but when you are...there will be a line of  women with chocolate icing around their mouth and A1 sauce in their hands ready to snatch up this steak. so, prepare to wait.

[october challenge: day#29]


xxxx said...

Amen to that... Unfortunately I think all of us females fall into this at some point in our lives.. Busy chasing and focusing on the no-gooders all the while a good man is in front of our faces waiting for us to notice them.. And the same goes for guys, they do the same thing. Its a shame.

sunshinestar110 said...

I agree with the person above me....At one poiny of time in our live we chases that man who not the best for us....i personally think its one of those you live and learn situations....the more ppl tell us to stay away the more we want him...

Anonymous said...

I've never been into " bad boys" or men who I felt were wrong for me. I always tend to go for "nice guys" but my previous nice guys think I'm " too nice" go figure lol.

Funny tho. My guy bestie I told u about and 8 just had this exact conversation. He's a nice guy and he wanted to know why women tend to put him in the friend zone. I told him, when want a nice guy but they just don't know it. I told him that he's so non aggressive and is actually trying to get to know the woman while most men are trying to get to know just enough to get her panties off. And that's the normal more times than not. So since he's not trying to fuck her the 1st week, it seems he doesn't want her. So she sets her sights on someone who seems more "into her" *shrug* women are strange creatures I tell ya. Lol

Qu33n Kam... said...

This is true I liked this post. I've been that victim to the bad boy the wolf in sheeps clothing too often. I always wanted a nice guy but in a bad boy's make up until I learned the hard way that doesn't exist. I had to get hurt so much to learn the regular good guy was all I ever could want or need I haven't met him yet but I would like to. I also noticed that good guys don't go for nice girls first either y'all go after bitches and girls that do u wrong too. But I guess what brings These type of people together eventually is the desire to still fall in love the right way and not be bitter about the bad people they encountered in the past. I'm trying my hardest to not let my past relationships stop me from getting my nice guy.

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@xxxx: yea guys do it too...cept we don't sit around saying "where are all the good women?" lol..

@sunshinestar110: that's cause you don't be listening to folks. if i tell you not to do ain't supposed to do it.

@luvlymskrissy: you are too nice. and yanno you inspired my "friendzone" thanks.

@qu33n kam: i guess it depends on what your idea of a bad boy is. the whole idea that a bad boy is anything other that a bad boy is crazy. if you want a guy with edge...why does he have to be bad? why is a bad boy considered what's hot in the streets?