Monday, October 11, 2010

love secrets...

[day #7: lust]

7 love secrets

  1. i'm a sentimental guy. i save the notes, cards, letters, etc...maybe it's sweet, maybe it's blackmail..who knows.
  2. i won't change my sheets...until i can't smell her scent on them anymore. i will sleep on her pillow, side of the bed..whatever it takes to feel like she's still here.
  3.  pictures in my phone. i always keep pictures of the person i'm with on my phone so i can randomly look at them whenever the feeling hits.
  4. favorite place to kiss a woman is...on the lips. you can interpret that anyway you'd like. as long as you like it naughty lol..
  5. i practice sexting. the art of sext picture taking, to be exact. i want to know all my good angles for when the time is right. the outtakes are numerous & hilarious. don't be surprised if you get #21 then #342. i don't sext reckless (unless drunk), so bs pictures will not get sent.
  6. i was a "secret admirer" once. i wrote a love note to a girl when i was in the 6th grade...i was shy and signed it "your secret admirer". she read it and wasn't impressed. she told everyone her dad was a police officer and he was going to find out who wrote it. and i was literally scared for months. i stopped talking to her after that, to prevent the chances of me being found out
  7. sex control. the longest relationship i've ever had involved no sex at all. my first girlfriend and i promised to stay virgins till we got married. we didn't get married, but we did stay virgins from middle school till college (when we broke up..). i still feel like she owes me sex till this


    sunshinestar110 said...

    #2 just melted my heart!! made me say

    lol @ "i still feel like she owes me sex till this day." I feel that way about a person or two!

    Monique said...

    She owes you sex? LOL You know what, I cant blame you for that one.

    You really are quite the romantic. That is too sweet!

    tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

    @sunshinestar110: awww @ you saying awww lol

    and i'm serious. *playing nas feat. ginuwine.."you owe me"*

    @monique: yes..she owes me. and thanks.

    Freckles said...

    Mr. Romantic,

    I hope that you practice safe sext and I will say that if you get the opportunity to blow her back out - TAKE IT!