Friday, January 29, 2010

ManFive Friday #28

there will be a 4 part question series of ManFive's courtesy of insushiwetrust, she hit me the questions on my last ManFive (like i've stated before, if you got questions ladies ask them..)

this weeks ManFive #28 topic of the week is:

"5 ways to get a guy who's just a friendly acquaintance to check for you..."

this is assuming dude isn't already taken or hasn't previously let you know he is not at all interested in you.

in my experience men & women being friends is a tricky thing. you can have friends of he opposite sex that are JUST friends. it can be done. the thing about that is, it has to be clear that there are no underlying feelings there. which usually after a while may develop so you still may not be out of the woods. what do you do after you have develop feelings for a friend and now want them to view you in a different light?

5 ways to change your guy friend to your boyfriend.

#5: drop the dude a hint...

we are not mind readers. it doesn't matter how much you think we should understand that maybe you like us. we don't. women are more observant. yall see little signs or clues that a guy has changed up on you. you start noticing the differences in the way he treats you. and you start thinking, maybe there is more behind that. men on the other hand, do not do that shit. we might be like.."why she acting like that?" but we are still clueless. unless you put that thought in our head. our boys put that thought in our head. our chick puts that thought in our head. we don't think that. if you say we're friends, we're friends. we may want more, but as long as you're saying we're just friends. we're gonna think that. gotta put it out there. that's the catch-22 to yall friend zone shit. most times yall keep us in the zone to the point where we give up on getting at yall. then if you want to be more, we're like.."really?....naw...she aint looking at me like that".

#4: give him what he wants...

i know yall get mad when i say this, but it's true. if your friend is always talking to you about a certain kind of chick. if he's always saying, how no girls will do this or that. or how it's so hard to find a woman who wants a good man. show him that woman is in front of him. show him you possess those qualities he's looking for. if he's saying he wants a woman who can cook, and your ass is always in the kitchen fixing food. then be like..

"*clears throat* "you want to come over for dinner?"

don't play yourself out. don't go outside your own comfort zone. i'm not telling you to pretend to be someone else. i'm saying if you think you're the woman for him, let him know that. because in most cases a guy is friends with you because you possess something he likes anyway. whether it's conversation. it's sense of humor. it's understanding, whatever. you've already been accepted in his life because there is something about you he likes & enjoys. you just have to add to those things and let him see that there is much more to you then he's seen.

#3: reclaim your women-hood...

a lot of times, once you've become a friend of a guy he gives you a title. you're his "little sister", you're his "homegirl", you're "one of the guys". he no longer views you as a woman who is available for the taking. this is an important catagory-esque thing when you are just friends because it allows you to separate and organize. but when you ladies decide you want to be more. you have to let him know that you're a woman who wants to be hunted.

this could be accomplished by putting more effort into appearance. if you're always with this dude in sweats and a head scarf. if you invite him over and your panties, bras, & tampons are all sitting out on the bathroom sink. if he's expecting to see you the same way your chicks see you when yall are just hanging and aren't putting in enough effort. when yall are feeling a dude. yall go all out. yall get the hair done, shave them places yall don't usually shave daily, put on that freakem dress, etc. to impress him. not saying you have to dress like you're going out on the town to hang at his place & watch the game. but guys notice when you put in effort. even if it doesn't seem that way. even if he doesn't compliment you right away. he might be like, "damn she looked good last night". or "she smelled real nice.." he may even ask you if you did something different. because once he gets used to you one way, seeing you another way..he will notice.

#2: get one of your mutual friends to "hook that up" or "introduce the idea"

a lot of times, there is someone in the middle who knows what's going on. it's either the person who introduced you in the first place. a person who hangs out with yall. someone who knows both of you and can kind of act as the medium. even if you're just bouncing the idea of you guys being more off of them. they can usually help you on where that other person is at. and what your chances are that it can turn into more. they can also be that bridge that helps you get his attention or puts the idea in his head. whether it's his homeboy or your homegirl. it's almost a way for you to bring it up, without actually bringing it up. and if they ask and it's a "no go" a way to kinda save face without jumping out on a limb.

#1: just tell him how you feel...

one thing we appreciate the most from our friends is honesty. most times you feel like your friends are more honest with you then the person you're with. i'd prefer my friend just tell me they had a thing for me, even if i had a chick. i hate the guessing games. i hate the hurt feelings because you're jealous. if there are underlying feelings or if you're feeling me just tell me. the worst that can happen is it'll be weird for a minute. weirder if i have a chick. but if i don't...what's the damage? we're adults, let's talk. that way we can both know where we're at and know where we're going.

hope this answered one of your questions, if not..hit my comments & i'll hit a different angle.

#twitterkills thursday #11 (on friday)

yes, i'm a day late. yes, i have a good reason. no, i will not share it with you (for you might doubt the goodness of the reason). lol

today #twitterkills "thursday" friday topic is:


okay, if you follow me on twitter. and most of you do, or should. you might have noticed the other day when i said my twitter persona got jacked. at first when i saw the individual, i thought the ppl tweeting to him were tweeting to me. it was kinda weird. then i realized that i go by @studiogenius on twitter (again, if you don't follow're missing something from your life) and why would they be hitting me up by my other alias. so then i investigate, click on dudes name. he's from atlanta. he works in music. see where i'm going? now i'm giving dude the benefit of the doubt. cause on various sites i go by a variety of names "tha", "tha infamous nobody", "studiogenius", unpretentious narcissist, etc. so i was a bit stunned & shocked that dude was going by one of my monikers. not to mention yall know i'm super ass paranoid so i thought he was stealing my swag. again. i'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. just like i'm giving ol' dudes at the benefit of the doubt even though their post go back to AFTER i started doing manfive friday. i don't have a patent on the name, just saying. you comment on my blog, then come back and delete your comment. hmmm...

but this hasn't just happened to me. one of my other friends got on twitter last night and saw someone very close to her with the same suffix on the end of their old twitter name. coincidence or blatant "i'm trying to jack your style". i'm going with the latter on that. bottom line, there are creative people. and then there are jackers. at least if you're gonna steal someone's twitter name/persona don't get caught. i would have NEVER typed the shit in to check it, but it's like those domain type folks who reserve all these crazy names to prevent you from using it. next time i might just have to do that.

nevertheless..go jump off a creativity bridge and drown yourself. POW gurgle POW gurgle. (yes i'm shooting into the water...)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

ManFive Friday....

Manfive Friday #27...

yes, it's late. yes, we both realize this. but guess what, it's here...

ManFive topic of the week: 5 ways to make us think you're awesome..

things you THINK, we think are awesome..usually aren't. things we THINK, you should know are probably ignore. i'm about to clue you ladies in on a few things to earn an awesome badge from your dude. there are PLENTY of things..too many to name. but i'll try to touch on the sure-fire ways to get the "you're fucking awesome" award.

#5: be interested in this favorite things..

like really be interested. not faking. not just doing it to do shit. not just doing it cause HE likes it. get to know it, love it, do it. call him, ask him when you can do it again. even if it's stamp collecting. show him you care. show him it's important to you too. a guy likes to do shit with you, when it's shit he likes to do. especially, when it's shit he likes to do. you wanna score points with him, have him bragging to his friends, have him sitting back thinking you're cool as hell. adopt his passion, he'll love you forever.

#4: do stupid shit to appease him...

i just like 2 seconds ago, made my chick drink a heineken to convince me to take her to superbowl. she was trying too...but that scene from, "I love you, man" where dude guzzled the beer..won and then threw up all over dude came to mind. i took the beer from her hands, but i couldn't erase the happiness of her actually "trying" to do it to appease me. we like when yall do stupid shit. not stupid shit that yall do and DON'T think is stupid. but stupid shit we'd convince our boys to do and they'd do. like jumping out train car or some shit. this is why we think our dudes are so awesome. to earn the awesome badge you have to throw down your skirt for a second, put on some sweat pants and take one for the team. it's cool as shit when our boys do shit. but, it's extremely sexy when yall do it. so go dumb for us baby. go ham...wild out..

#3: when you get us shit, we had NO idea you knew we wanted.

i always say women give the WORST gifts ever. if it's not sex, it's usually, eh. think about it. think about all the gifts you get your dad. your brother. boyfriend. husband. unless it's a child you have NO clue what to get a guy. you get him what YOU want him to have. which is usually NOT what he wants to have. but when he opens the box. tears open the wrapping paper. pulls out the tissue paper and sees..."scrabble: the onyx version" (WoW). a dude (this dude) will lose his mind. are you fucking serious? you are so fucking awesome. thank you.thank you. thank you. thank you. because honestly..i was NOT expecting an as awesome as this gift.

#2: when you stuntin' on them other chicks..

when a chick does that extra shit to make you be like..."daaaaaaaamn" when you see her. AWESOME. ain't nothing sexier then a chick that know she sexy. but when she know she sexy & she wear that sexy and she giving that sexy for you...she is fucking awesome. that, "this is for you" attitude is extremely appreciated. you think we don't notice. maybe we don't compliment enough. maybe we don't give credit where it's due. but when you're doing it for us & we know a few steps from getting a ring put on it.

#1: sex. sex. sex. sex. sex.

you already knew it was coming and ending here. sex is one of the fastest ways to get that awesome badge. you give it, we get it. awesome. you like it, you love it. awesome. new tricks, old tricks, tricks in general. awesome. love it, need it, want it...Yes.

nuff said...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

#twitterkills thursday #10

#twitterkills thursday topic of the week...all yall mojos on facebook playing farmville & sorority life..pow-Pow-pow-Pow-pow-Pow-pow-POW! twitter is the BEST. it's time you realized it. don't go away for like a day, week, *gasp*..a year. then come back tweeting like it's all good.

mojo..we don't know you no more...*whispering* "Harpo...who that woman?" truth is, facebook used to kill. but now twitter has taken that crown. twitter will kick your ass and drain so much out of your life that you will go back to facebook. and once you go back to facebook and see all the addicting games you will start thinking a break from twitter is just what you need. but guess what?

it's not. . . it's just an addiction tactic twitter has put into play. twitter is not threaten, yanno why because #twitterkills everything & everyone. that's right. twitter will regain your life once again. but will you still have your followers? will we still love you after you abandoned us for facebook? maybe. maybe not. depends on how much we liked you to begin with.

but until you come back to us...POW. right in the "face" put that in a "book".

Friday, January 15, 2010

ManFive Friday #26

ManFive Friday topic of the week: why no chicks are allowed on ManCations...

why is it, chicks can plan.."girl only weekends", "trips to jamaica", or "slumber parties", but let a guy say he's going on a ManCation with the fellas. my chick had been planning vacation after vacation with her girls. i told her i was about to get #yachtboyfresh with my dudes. guess who got an attitude? guess who wanted to go on the yacht? guess who wanted to plan a trip to miami with the girls?..

why do women get jealous of our trips? we usually don't care about yours. we usually don't say nothing about you hanging with the girls. why you wanna be all up in my grill w/ my boys? no chicks on dude least not your girlfriend.

5 reasons we don't invite you on our ManCations...

#5: y'all are natural funstoppers

i've mentioned this before. y'all hate dudes having fun. unless it's with you's outlawed. yea, me & you can go on a it up. have a great time. but introduce my boys into the are a headache in a dress. always complaining, always wanting to do something else, not understanding that JUST because you're there we aren't able to talk about or do half the things we want to do. the foolish shit, like wrestling alligators (which is SO fun) is a no go with you. you not only ruin my time, you ruin my boys time too. that's just unacceptable!

#4: y'all are natural puh-C-blockers

damn...reoccurring theme huh? yes, you don't want your boyfriend getting it with another chick. but why the fuck you hating on my dudes? yes, he knows she's a hoe. yes, he knows she probably slept with 2 dudes this morning. yes, he knows she's just talking to him cause she's a gold digger. yes, he knows she's probably gonna leave him burning..but why is you blocking? i can't bring you around my dudes cause your comfortable being the only chick with a bunch of dudes. as long as you're the only chick. any female that comes in the vicinity is gonna be a "hoe". or she's gonna want me, even though she's talking to my boy. you can't turn off your puh-C-blockers beams. and if my boys happen to be unlucky enough to be around you, you're gonna cast your p-blocker beams on them too.

#3. y'all don't vacation like us...

the shit that makes our ManCations awesome are completely foreign to you. you wanna go exploring shit. you want to sight-see. you want to watch the sunrise & sunset and shit like that. shit, it's not unusual for us wake up for the sunset & party till the sunrise. we don't have to see a damn thing in the exotic location. we don't need breakfast, lunch, & dinner. we don't need to lay out on the beach. we don't need to hit up the retail shops. we don't need to see the dolphins. vacationing with your dudes, is relaxing with your dudes. no schedules, no rules, no limitations. just fun, sun & liquor.

#2: y'all assume it's about hooking up w/ chicks...

yea i know i said in the intro that, "no chicks least not your girlfriend". but believe it or not dude trips are not always about women. "ManCations" aren't about cheating/hooking up with/or entertaining other women. but i'm not gonna lie and act like if there are single guys on the trip..yes, eventually women well get tossed into the mix. but, if you trust us on an everyday basis. you trust that we aren't gonna lose our heads when we're out with the fellas. you trust we aren't gonna slip up & forget about you. then we'll be okay. part of the reason why we don't trip about you going out with your chicks, is because we trust you. we know you aren't gonna see some dude & throw away everything we have. even if that's what you're gonna do, we don't look at your trip like that. we don't automatically think your girls talking to men is gonna lead to you hooking up. we don't think you looking at half naked men is gonna make you want to get some from them. give us more credit...let us enjoy ourselves too.

#1: y'all take away our freedom to be ourselves..

it's a freedom of being without the nagging. it's a freedom of having a conversation with a chick & not having you side eyeing like we're up to no good. to be honest, we aren't able to be ourselves around you & our boys. like you see one side, they see another. when the two get together it gets...unmanageable. there are different sides to every man. as our girl, you probably get the biggest variety. yet, there are tons of things we DON'T do around you. yea, we fart & burp around you. we drink & we party around you. we curse & we scratch around you. but the way we do it with our dudes is completely different. almost on the level if you knew, you wouldn't want to be with us. we could blow a room up so bad you'd have to wait a day to go back in. and unless we're married (or really really comfortable) we aren't gonna expose you to that shit. we might drink to we get sleepy around you. but we drink till we pissing on police cars with our boys. we get so drunk we can't even form sentences the next day. we might have the dirtiest & raunchiness mouth in the world. you might get a taste of it if we getting it in, phone sexing, sexting, etc. but if you heard some of the ridiculous crazy shit we talk about to our's-fuck-what-ya-heard-qwazzy. you'd make us wash our mouth out with 5 different types of soap. say it to you, then wash it out again..

i'm just saying..

Thursday, January 14, 2010

#twitterkill thursday #9

so this week's #twitterkill...a lot of yall are guilty of it. yanno how i know, cause i follow yall mojos on twitter. your violation..RT'in @revrunwisdom. every time i see his name pop up next to yalls...POW POW POW..i just want to #twitterkill the fuck out of yall.

first of all, how many of you own an Run DMC album? how many of yall even watch his lame family show? probably not one of yall mojos. yet..this ninjas tweets the most basic simple shit and yall RT it like yall gonna win a prize. "the best way to the pray". say what?

ghandi you are not! shit, forrest gump, he is not! i guess my disgust is worsen by the fact that i could never take dude serious after i saw him at a concert years ago with his priest collar on, holding his nuts & cursing. i guess he forgot he was supposed to be on his Godly duties. i know, God isn't waiting to strike you down with every curse words & yes, even priest nuts itch. but it was a total lack of respect for the collar and very hypocritical. i may be a heathen, but i'd never don a "man of God's" outfit and forget that i'm supposed to be saved. that's just me. yet, i digress.

please stop re-tweeting this idiot. he has no real wisdom. he has no point. he just sits there tweeting quotes that you probably can google from other people. serious. go to google or yahoo and type up his tweets. not hating, just's's foolish. every time you think to RT him think of him doing that highly annoying "HHEeeeEhh" shit he does when he looks & sounds like the biggest retard in the world. i swear it'll make you think twice about re-tweeting him. and if it doesn't maybe you need to be on that small bus with him. just saying...

Pow Pow Pow X 1000 = die 3,000 times.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Manfive Friday #25

ManFive #25 topic of the week: how to maintain your friendship with us when we get a girl....

" got what i need...but you say she just a friend. you say she just a friend..oooh baby you..."

it's hard being friends with a woman when you got a woman. usually it's impossible. and i know a lot of you ladies are saying, "no it's not...", "i got plenty of male friends..", or "my best friend is male and we don't ever have no problems..".

truth is, women make it harder to have women friends. yall just naturally don't trust other women. you trust yourself with your male friends. but as soon as it comes to your man having a female friend..."we need more people..".

here are 5 ways to maintain a friendship with your male friend after he gets boo'ed up.

#5: tread lightly...

women have this natural "fight" tendency in them. we, as men fight physically. women you fight more mentally & emotionally. you could be at war with our chick, and we have NO idea about it. almost like cats. you spray your scent on a dude, and his chick automatically smells it. like as soon as you say your friends could have said 20 other chicks names beforehand. but one always stands out and then it's..."um so who is?....", "how long you been friends?...", or (the worse)..."what she look like?....". our chick will be suspicious of everything that she doesn't quite understand. mainly..."why we are friends" to begin with. so to help us out a little, chill out. don't make too many waves for us. don't be calling like crazy. don't be hitting us up every 5 minutes when you know we're with her. all that affectionate "we're like brother & sister" hugging..naw don't do that. keep all the in-fighting to a minimal. true, half the time we don't hear the quick jabs you two do at each other. we don't see the looks or the "i know him better" attitude you give off that pisses her off. just ease up, a little please.

#4: be understanding...

if we can't hang out. if i can't come to your rescue. if i'm not available at your every call like usual. don't get mad at me. it's not a reflection on our friendship. if you know it's because i'm with my chick. if you know it's because she's tripping. or she's the jealous type. then why you blaming me? women are so different then men. men understand how women act. we may not get you 100% of the time, but we always know yall are dramatic. you tell a dude, "my chick is tripping". he'll just nod & know exactly what you're saying. you won't have to explain anything else. he don't need to know what she's tripping about. he don't need any more explanation. but try telling a woman, your girl is tripping. she automatically starts tripping in response. either she is mad your chick was tripping and it prevented you from being there for her. or she's mad at your chick for random things she was already mad at your chick for. bottom line, like the movies say.."don't add your own soundtrack", please "don't add your own an already dramatic situation".

women are different. just cause you don't mind your dude doing something doesn't mean the next chick won't. if i tell you my chick doesn't like this or that. respect that. don't just write it off as stupid and continue doing it. a lot of times female friends cause a lot of friction in relationships. they are even topics of fights. if we defend you & our friendship to our chick. if we deal with them bitching at us. we don't wanna come to you and be bitched out again.

#3: don't be a

a lot of times yall get in the way of us getting our swerve on. women are natural cockblockers unless they're personally receiving the cock (in that case they have friends that'll block for them in return). it's hard to be friends with a woman who don't care if you get any or not. we're all for the sexing. i encourage my female friends to get it in. but when it comes time to me getting mine, here comes the hate. here comes the hate. if you know you're gonna cause a disturbance with me & my chick and that's gonna lead to us sleeping on opposite ends of the bed. why do it? a lot of times i know it's not intentional. but sometimes yall just get that hate in your blood and will throw a curb ball on us. either that or you wanna be the 3rd wheel. newsflash ladies.. men are constantly trying to get some. if i tell you me & my chick gonna be chilling...then know i really mean.."me & her gonna be chilling till i can talk her out her panties..". don't insist on being the monkey in the middle blocking my banana from getting to the spot. help a brother out please..

#2: save your opinions...

if you hate my chick, ok. if you dislike her treatment of me, ok. if you don't understand why i'm with her or why i'm dealing with her shit, ok. but do you have to tell me every time we talk? do you have to negate my relationship as unimportant because i've come to you about my issues. ask yourself you pick winners 100% of the time? it's easy to point out other's "bad decisions" while ignoring your own. there is nothing wrong with being honest & speaking your mind. it's appreciated & needed at the right times. but don't throw things i've shared with you in my face. don't act as if i shouldn't deal with my chick or show her respect because in your eyes you don't deem her worthy. also, you don't have to say nice shit about her. but you also don't have to talk about her to me. it's hard not sharing things with people but when they use it against you or if it tarnishes the image of the other person, it makes you feel like you shouldn't share that with them anymore. you don't have to like her, just respect that i'm with her.

#1: remember you're my friend...not my girlfriend.

women get very territorial when it comes to men. friends, siblings, or boyfriends. if you had all the cuddle time i had to give before. if we went to the movies or talked more before my girlfriend. understand there are some things that change when i have a girl. you can't be #1 in all situations. don't make me choose between being your friend & having a girlfriend as if you're gonna be my girlfriend if i choose you. you have to let me have a relationship too. don't stand in the way of that. in order to be with someone i have to give them time. which means sometimes you have to sit in the backseat. it doesn't mean you're less important, just means that i'm trying to further a relationship with this person. and in order to do that..i have to sacrifice some of the time i've given you previously. doesn't mean it'll be like that always. but i'm saying if i'm trying to get some this weekend, yes..i'm gonna be unavailable. next weekend, i'll probably be super available..give me a weekend, geez. i'm going to be a great friend regardless of who i'm with, but sometimes i'm going to be busy. don't take my friend points away because i was late getting back to you.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

first award of the new year....

big shoutout to the.kisser @ kissthepen for the happy 101 award.

few details about the award.

1. list 10 things that make me happy
2.tag 10 bloggers that brighten my day back to the person who gave me this award.

I've already done #3. since i'm semi dyslexic i'll do #2 right now...
10 bloggers that brighten my day: the.kisser, beyond danielle, xxxx, sunshinestar110, sheila, cyn, mzaunatural-beauty, starrla monae,insushiwetrust (i know you don't blog..but your journal always entertains me), lalaliybean ..everyone else too..just picked 10.
alright unto #1..what makes me happy.

1. knowing my son is happy & enjoying his childhood w/ no worries.
2. buying new underwear. i have an underwear habit out of this world.
3. scrabble..pretty much any games, cards, sport type activity. very competitive (winning..)
4. hearing thank you. any form of appreciation makes me happy
5. "how you doing?" "how you been?" text & calls..shows me folks care when they don't have to traffic
7. fajitas, i could eat them everyday for life.
8. doing a song for someone, not getting it placed on an album. then passing the song to someone else & getting it placed on a bigger project.
9. being enjoyed. just someone enjoying my company..kissing. sex. talking. whatever...
10. lounging in my drawz, watching tv & movies all day.

#twitterkills thursday #8

we've had a resurgence of the stalkertwits. this week's #twitterkill thursday is dedicated to those great folks who check & refresh your profile yet never click that "follow" button.

yanno i'm talking to you stalkertwits out there. in fact i'ma guarantee i have a few of my stalkertwits reading this blog right now. they are also blogstalkers. it's those ex's that suspiciously know what's going on with you & you ain't talked to them in months. it's the one's that sends you those messages, "hey just saw your new picture, made me think of you....just saying hello".

umm...saw my new pictures where? cause the only new picture i've put up was on my twitter and you aren't on twitter. or are you? maybe you're just on MY twitter.

now you get a pass if your catching your current boy/girlfriend cheating or being unruly. sometimes you have to quietly peep what's going on in their twitter universe. yes i said it. sometimes you do have to check that dude that's always kissing her ass.."oh everything looks nice on you...". *cleaning gun as i type this..* . but for the most shouldn't stalk no ones twitter. and if you do, you shouldn't ever tell them. resist the urge. kinda like you resist the urge to actually follow them. it's kinda spooky, scary, & stalkerish. and no matter the compliment they think you're weird & makes them want to make their shit protected. just a heads up.

and if you're my ex. and you're reading this..fuck you upside the head with a fucking dirty ratchet dipped in rabies & chicken swine flu blood. bitchbitchbitchbitch..made you mad yet? you gonna EMAIL me or TEXT me out the blue now? start a fight about an old pack of gummi bears you left in my car? yea, i ate them. they are GONE. long gone & they tasted so good. best gummi bears in the world. naw i'm just playing..i got your gummi bears. where?..on deez nuts. you want some gummi nuts? (ok, i'm done being

twitterkilltwitterkilltwitterkill---> P O W

Monday, January 4, 2010


you ever had a friend that was hurting or was troubled and didn't know what to do to help? i hate being in that position. i know a lot of times, i put my friends/loved one's there. and when it's someone who is usually there for you & usually knows what to say it's hard not to be able to help them out when they need it most.

dunno. sometimes it's just makes you feel helpless. so all i can do, is what i know. and that is pray.

this is dedicated to my friend & for anyone else who is in need of being cheered up, had a bad day/week/year etc.

Dear God,

i ask that you take in consideration all the good things i've done in life. i know the bad tend to overshadow the good, but there are A LOT of good things. i know at times we are at odds with one another. moreso, because i'm such a heathen in the grand scale of goodness. but you know my heart, better than anyone. yanno the one thing i have is faith & trust in you. so i ask, better yet i pray that you continue to shine the sunshine on my friends, family, associates, whoever is in need of a little light. i ask that you show them a way out of the clouds and the gloom. that you put the happiness of your love in their heart & give them a way to smile again.

i know you always watch after me, and since we're so tight. i figure if i just ask you to watch after my friend you'll show them your presence as well. i may not have the words to cheer them up. i may not be the vessel in which they need to feel better, but please send them that serenity. let them know they are loved, not only by me but by you & others. that there is no reason to give up or to close off. yea, i know. this is stuff i should remember when i'm down and out. and i thank you for giving me this reflection right now to think about it for myself as well.

Lord i pray that you allow your love to overshadow any unhappiness that may occur in the lives of your children. i won't ever stop believing that things will be better, and i want you to pass that through me to others. i ask that you heal the wounds, the emotional scars and everything else that is stopping us from smiling. stopping us from living. stopping us from seeing the light through the trees. light our path, our hearts, & our minds. allow us to be the shoulder to cry on, the back to carry, & the hand to hold up each other. thank you for your goodness, thanks for your presence in my life & in my heart. thank you for allowing me to feel the hurt my friends feel, so that i may help them when they are in need, as they help me. let them know that the love from you is greater than anything i can ever give, but my love doesn't fall short of that.

in your name I pray, Amen.

oh..and p.s. thanks for blessing my mom w/ another year of life today, it's not just a blessing to her. it's a for real blessing to me.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Manfive Friday #24

Again, sorry for the delay. Manfive Friday topic of the week: 5 ways a man can ruin your New Years Eve...

it's no secret, NYE is a time for couples. it's the time most of you ladies are looking for your man to kiss you at midnight. other's are looking for a man kiss. either way. this is a warning for 2011 (since i was too late for 2010).

5 ways your man can ruin your NYE are:

#5: he wants to hang out with his boys instead of you..

yea, i know the idea that he'd want to spend the night with anyone else but you seems preposterous. but check it, sometimes a guy doesn't realize how important a "day" or a "night" is to you. so when his boys throw out the word..."Miami", "Liquor", & "Yachtboyfresh", it doesn't dawn on him he's letting you down by not being your NYE buddy. nothing personal, just saying.. what do you do?...get your girls..go out & enjoy yourself too. one monkey don't stop no show..

#4: he mistakes watching the "ball drop" with the basketball game

you told him friday night you wanna watch the ball drop. and he looks at you with excitement and agrees readily. hmm..that seems a bit odd huh? yea, cause he thought you were referring to the basketball game, not the glittery ball of light in time square (or for my GA folks..the peach drop). imagine his discontentment once he learns what you really meant. and what he really agreed to. and imagine yours when you miss the ball drop because he's flipping back & forth to the game and flips back at 12:01am...what do you do?..wait for the game to be almost over & walk over and unplug the tv at a game winning/changing moment. show him what it's like to miss something that you may never see again..

#3: he's a no show

you got that new dress. you got the champagne ready. you got party plans or a intimate night in front of the tv planned. you've waited 20 minutes, now 40 minutes..eventually an hour passes. you call, no answer. you continue checking outside for his car to show up. you call your girl and talk shit about him for about an hour or so. midnight comes & goes..and you finally realize he's not coming. what to do?..enjoy your fucking night. don't let one person ruin the fun. truth is, most women have a dude in their phone that would come through and do some NYE's kissing. don't let the night go to him & twitpic a picture of you & dude kissing w/ an @reply to him that reads "sorry you missed NYE's..managed to have fun without you though"...

#2: you catch him kissing another chick at midnight

needless to say, this will probably piss you off the most. imagine sitting around waiting till midnight. you get up go get a drink for the big moment. or hit the ladies' room just before the countdown and come back to him kissing that chick that's been looking at him since yall got there. yea, she was an opportunist & he's an asshole, but you still missed your "magic moment". what do you do? fight one of them. pick your battle wisely tho. if she looks a little hoe-ish she probably can fight. so uh yea. unless you're bigger or down for it choose him. hopefully he won't try to fight you back so it'll just be about you taking him upside his head with your heels.

#1: goes to sleep before midnight

this is #1 because it happens the most. what if the one you wanna kiss is snoring next to you or in the next room? what if the black eyed peas bored him to sleep during the NYE's pre-show? what if he worked all day & was just plain tired. you can't blame him for that right? truth is, if he's with you..that's all that matters. kissing someone on NYE's is just a show of affection towards the one you love. you don't have to kiss to ring it in on that note. just be thankful for you're loved ones & the fact that God's blessed you with yet another year..

Happy New Year! lets leave all the negative shit in 2009. start the new year off right with a new attitude, new outlook, & the belief that it can only get better.

#twitterkills thursday #7 (Sunday Edition)

#twitterkills thursday (Sunday Edition). okay i've been preoccupied this weekend, so i wasn't able to blog, tweet, or text. but never fear #twitterkill is still going down this week.

this weeks #twitterkill is dedicated to simple ass tweeters. we all have them on our list. the person who really tweets, "what they are doing..." at the moment.

@simpleasstweeter: i'm watching tv
@simpleasstweeter: i'm eating candy
@simpleassstweeter: i just farted, lol
@simpleasstweeter: *twitpic* me chillin'
needless to say, it's that person who tweets about nothing but the obvious. it's like, ok...yes twitter does ask "what you're doing" but you do have 140 characters to say a little more then that shit. it's like..not only does your life seem boring, YOU seem boring. shit. learn from the master how to spice up any "simple ass tweet"...

"i'm watching tv" translates to "i'm watching Howard the Duck, i haven't seen this in 4 years..i used to crush hard on Lea Thompson. she was kinda dope in Back 2 the Future".

"i'm eating candy" translate to "damn, i just broke my tooth on this jawbreaker i'm eating. hope i still have dental insurance".

"i just farted" translate to "i just smelled a fart, no one else is here but me...wonder who did it?".

"*twitpic* me, Chillin" translates to "wanna see some midget porn?..naw just kidding i was bored here's a new picture of me".

i'm saying, just a suggestion boring ass simple tweeter. please spice up your tweets as well as your life. thank ya kindly...P O W.