Thursday, June 24, 2010

#twitterkills thursday 32

pulling out my #twitterkills machete. this weeks victims are people who use twitter as their only form of communication. like they turn off their phones. and they are just on twitter.

#twitterkills thursday 32 topic of the week: if you need me tweet me..

now this isn't for the people you just know from twitter. this is the people you have multiple ways to contact, but the only way/best way you can reach them is by tweeting them. w t f . . . if i have your phone number, but i HAVE to reach you through twitter..just erase my contact completely. cause i'll never call your ass again.

if i have to DM you personal messages or information, when i could just text you or shoot you a quick call...block me please. cause if we continue to be twitter friends all my tweets will be non subliminal missiles headed towards your ass.

*slicing your fingers, tongue, and ears off*..yea it's a bit vicious. but #twitterkills has to hurt for you to do better. 

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