Tuesday, June 22, 2010

i heart the black woman

 June Challenge (day #22)

dear black woman,

hey beautiful, how you doing? yea you, over there with that natural, kinky, permed, straightened, nappy, twisted, long, short, curly, bald, braided hair that you won't let me touch, wet, or mess up. truth is, you are not your hair. so i don't care how you choose to wear it. i just want you to be happy in your skin...

albino to dark chocolate..and all shades in between. God loved the brown tones so much he kept using the brown crayons to color his people. i'm saying you've been shaded by God, now tell me that ain't beautiful or you ain't beautiful? girl stop...

and let me look at you. with that short, petite, average, tall, amazon, brick house, slender, thick, meaty, curvy body. you were meant to be viewed in different tones, shapes, sizes. that's what makes you unique. all those differences, yet you are one in the same. just like you & i are one in the same. you're my sister, my friend, my mother, my cousin, my daughter, my aunt, my wife, my lover, my girlfriend. you are a part of me, like i am a part of you. in what world do you hate a part of yourself?

i know it's been hard out there, alone. at least that's how you feel sometimes huh? where are all the good black men? we're here, it just takes time to find us. so don't give up. don't think it's not worth it. it's worth it, because you're worth it.

don't let anyone tell you there is a boycott on black women. you can't boycott your manufacturer. we are, all of us..because of you. so thank you.

don't think i don't appreciate.. 

you. your hard work. your wants. your dreams.

the impossible is made possible when two people believe in the same dream. all i want to do is help yours, you help me with mine. let's make the impossible happen. you see our president? do you think he could have did that without our first lady?  we have to believe in each other. if we don't, who will?

sincerely with love,

a black man/ tha unpretentious narcissist/@studiogenius


★Starrla Monae☆ said...

"The impossible is made possible when two people believe in the same dream." I LOVE IT! Black man we *heart* you too. More than you will ever realize. This post is so warming! So heartfelt.

DaBossBitch said...

Wow! That made me feel good! I'm sitting here like... yeah that's me! Thanks for the love! I love my Black Men right back!

And it was much needed with all of this Black Men vs. Black Women talk that's been floating around lately.

Beyond Danielle said...

what is it with black men claiming that black woman don't treat them right

Alovelydai said...

And we love our black men!!!!

jazzyjaz said...

This just made my day brighter. I was having one of those days until i read this and it gave me life!!!! thank you

sunshinestar110 said...

I think I love you boy!!!!! this right here just gave me life. It brought a smile to my heart and face!!! thanks and we love our black men too!

Anonymous said...

I could give you a generic ‘aww… that was sweet’ comment, but I won’t. Seeing that you took your time to craft this beautifully written letter shows your true admiration for the black woman. Thank you so much!

This makes me want to write an ‘I heart the black man’ letter.

Isis said...

"awwwww" indeed! thanks for taking the time to post this, definitely always feels good to get some love from the brothas :)

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@starrla monae: thank you, thank you, & thank you for the constant twitter love all day. glad you liked the post.

@dabossbitch: i'm glad it made you feel good. and that's exactly the reason i wrote it. just want yall to know despite my constant griping, i got tons of love for yall.

@beyond danielle: dunno. i think both sides do too much talking at..but not really to each other.

@alovelydai: thanks & we black men love our black women.

@jazzyjaz: great..glad it made your day brighter. you're welcome & thank you.

@sunshinestar110: lol..i'm so happy it brought a smile to your heart & face. you are very welcome.

@birdie: thank you very much. i'd love to read it if you post it.

@isis: you're welcome, thank you for taking the time to read it.

Monique said...

You made my day with this yesterday. I think I re-read it twice. It's nice to know we are appreciated. We appreciate you too. It definitely give me a little more sway in my hips today. ;)

Anonymous said...

That's wassup... For some reason while I was reading, this came to mind http://aleesperspective.blogspot.com/2010/06/6-reasons-its-difficult-to-be-young.html

xxxx said...

That just made my day, you dont even know. Trust we love our black men too. I will forever love my black men regardless, just have to find the right one that appreciates a black woman the way you do.. Thanks for the love. You really got me

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@monique: aww, thanks. and thanks for the follow both here & twitter. glad it gave you some some sway..

@alee: thanks. and thanks for the follow. bout to check it out.

@xxxx: i know yall love us..that's why we i to let yall know it wasn't onesided. and you're welcome. glad it made your day.