Sunday, June 20, 2010

man class 101: introduction to buying a man a gift..

June Challenge (day #20)

today's bit of man-vice is dedicated to a young lady who asked me:

"what's a good birthday present for a guy you really like but just met a month ago?"

my answer:

 tips for buying for a guy you really like, but just met. the thing to remember is, gifts are really about the thought. not the money. do not overspend. gauge what is an appropriate amount of money & stick to it. i wouldn't advice you spending over $100, you can tweak that number a little based on what is or isn't much money to you. but for $100 you can get something nice, without overdoing it. it's really about the effort you put into it. the presentation of it. in the long run he'll remember you made him a nice dinner, gave him a massage, and bout a few blu ray disc yall watched and (at certain points didn't watch..), over you spending a grip on something he won't even use in 2 weeks. be observant and listen to things he likes. just throwing some things out there.... liquor (not a beer or wine), nice shirt/sweater, sneakers, cologne, a basketball, a hat, video game if you're looking to spend a little more. try a nice watch, don't get fancy or splurge early in a relationship matter how much you like them. if he's always getting lost get him a portable gps. a blue tooth. or one of the best ones, that happens to be (SHOULD ALWAYS) free...some good ol' loving. yes we accept that as a gift. massages, cooking dinner, etc.

now i'm gonna school you ladies at the same time. we'll call this, "man class 101: introduction to buying a man a gift".

can't go wrong gifts..

    * giftcards: guys are not like women. we do not equate giftcards = no thought. men like giftcards,  it gives us the power to buy what we want, but also allows you to direct us in the direction you were going. it allows you to budget what you were gonna spend & just give it to him. no fuss, no lines, no problems.

    * practical shit: wallets, belts, drawz, anything you see he needs. if his wallet is falling apart. his belt needs another hole. you pull his pants down and he always has on the same boxers

here are a few rules to live by:
  • listen, listen, listen...
  • never get too wound up in a dude you're spending money without thinking
  • never confuse a loan as a gift. if he's asking for money it's not a gift, it's a loan. 
  • never buy gizmo's, gadgets, or trinkets at the cash register, in the middle of the men's department, or things from clearance in the bargain bin. 
  • don't trust your female friend's suggestions..they are just as clueless as you.
  • don't "giftpeat"...even if he loved the gift the first time, do NOT buy him another of the same thing "just in case something happens".
  • if you pick it up once, put it down then come back to it...leave the store immediately that was him telepathically telling you NO.
  • if the salesmen is the complete opposite of your dude, always pick the item he did not suggest. (example: which cologne would you choose? whatever he picks go with the other one)
  • never get him something you heard someone else say they were gonna get him then give him a gift receipt and put the burden of exchanging on him (yes it happens).
  • jewelery, flowers, & cards do not mean the same thing to men as they do to women tread lightly.
  • if the gift is also a gift for yourself, "hope you get your period for 20 days straight", cause that is just foul

if you follow those rules, you should be off to a good start. to be honest. men are easy to please, it's your over thinking that messes you up. all you have to do is listen. a woman who gives good gifts, listens good. women will say, "you'd really have to do a guy to get him...". in man language that means, "i'd really have to listen to his know what he likes. that's right ladies, you give bad gifts most times because the gifts is absolutely positively something he wouldn't want even if it was free in an empty room with a sign that said, "take me". you also think getting "anything" is putting more thought into a gift than a giftcard and you're dead as wrong. a man will enjoy a giftcard any day over what you threw in your basket at 8:53pm. if the store is closing, run to the front & grab a giftcard.


~Sheila~ said...

I like the giftcard idea. I know I've been married FOREVER but I still can't go out and buy Angel underware because "it's not the kind I like". I have never been able to shop for a shirt for him.

Pepboys...for vehicle crap
Academy...for fishing crap
Autozone...for more vehicle crap

Yeah. that about limits it.

Giftcards it is.

or cash.


Epitome said...

So funny, I just had this convo with Sunshinestar. I told her last week I was thinking of buying something for father's day for this guy I've been dating for about a month now...I ended up getting him a gift card to car pool (a car detailing spot here) and two shots of patron. Haven't given it to him yet, we'll see what the verdict is later.


Anonymous said...

This post is right on time. Thanks SG.

And Happy Father's Day! :)

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

*bookmarks post for future reference* LOL Happy Father's Day!!!!

Isis said...

aww thanks for posting this! get ready for a random excerpt from my life:

dude i promise you i don't get why craziness happens to me...i took the easy way out and asked him...he was like "don't matter as long as it's from the heart"...i was like "ok, can you kinda steer me in some kinda direction though..."
he was like..."well, i need 2 tires for my truck..." UMMMM FAIL X 1,0320234

so then i'm totally caught off guard like..."tires for your truck???????"

& he was like "yeah you could take it to the shop for me, blah blah"

and i WANTED to be like umm negro what the hell are YOUUUU on, but what i said was "ummm...i could...but i probably won't..."

then he acted like his feelings were hurt...on some "well you asked..." tip...

i don't get this can't be nice to dudes...they think you crazy in love or some shit...there is NOTHING about me that says i'ma buy some tires for a dude i met a month ago...that shit is not in my aura at all, i promise.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway thanks so much for posting this though...

sunshinestar110 said...

So where in the hell was this post when i needed it?!? I have the hardest time trying to buy gifts for men *shrug*I try but I'm usually unsuccessful!

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@sheila: i'm saying, giftcards are the answer. unless it's something specific he says he wants. and thank you very much. hope angel had a great father's day as well. i'm sure yall went on some super cool vacation i wish i was part

@epitome: i can already tell you the verdict will be GREAT. lol. and thank you so very much.

@hightopsandpearls: you're welcome. and thank you very much.

@starrla monae: thanks for the bookmark. and thanks for the well wishes. *bookmarks* comment for future smiles.

@isis: you are welcome. and tires? i bet you that made the, "really like him" points fizzle like firecrackers a little. lol.

@sunshinestar110: i'm saying, all you of you ladies are welcome to ask me something. i would have helped you out. smh.

Anonymous said...

This current guy i'm talking to doesn't like surprise gifts. Smh.

I'ma fight him... But not like Mayweather did Mosley. That wasn't a real match.