Thursday, June 10, 2010

#twitterkills thursday #30

you ever been on twitter. like early in the morning. and NO one is on. and you tweet your, "i woke up, and had spaghetti in my bed" tweet. and as soon as you tweet it, 4 minutes later you get a text or a phone call from someone asking you how you slept.

okay coincidence right? then later on in the day. you tweet, "i'm hungry as hell about to eat this dog walking across the street". and you get another text and or phone call from someone asking you what's for lunch and telling you how hungry they are.

#twitterkills thursday 30 topic of the week:  who you think you're fooling, i know you saw my tweet. 

why do people insist on acting as if they aren't on your twitter like that? if you hit me up right after i tweet something, yes..i'm gonna assume you just saw me tweet. so when you ask me what i'm doing, it's gonna annoy me because i know you just read what i was doing. why do i have to repeat myself, re-read my tweet. if i'm out and i'm having a good time and i tweet, "i'm so drunk, i'm pissing patron on these hoes". and you out the blue hit me up and say, "are you at home?"...umm.. no. i am drunk. i am pissing on hoes. and i know you just read it. stop fronting. there is no future in it.

it's one thing to hit me up and say you just saw my tweet and we start talking about it. it's another to act like you didn't see it. and to ask me all the questions to get me to tell you what i just tweeted so you can say, "oh, no i haven't been on twitter all day..".

@studiogenius: i'm gonna #twitterkill you..

*phone ringing*......POW..

@studiogenius: you knew it was coming..


sunshinestar110 said...

I fuckin' hate that shit!!!! I know u just read my shit stop texting..calling..bbm morris coding me the question that I just answered on twitter!!!!!!!!

Alovelydai said...

Bleeping Twitter stalkers! Ugghhhhh

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@sunshinestar110: exactly..why should i repeat what you've just read & can go back and read right now? gtfo-my text

@alovelydai: yanno it. worse kind. will read your tweet go to your location and act like they accidently bumped into you.

MsKeke said...

LOL @ "i'm so drunk, i'm pissing patron on these hoes". That sounds like something I would tweet

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@mskeke: i know it does...with your getting kicked out of strokers for biting the stripper's ass self. smh..