Friday, June 25, 2010

not too old to whoop that ass...

 June Challenge (day #25)

so as yall know i TRY to stay active. and i pride myself on being a natural athlete. everything has come natural to me except for bowling & golf. both i am currently trying to improve on.

most of you know i was on a bowling league last year (starts back up soon). my biggest problems with bowling are, i'm not consistent and the bowling league last forever. and although my average is improving. i am still not "the beesssst". which drives me crazy. i hate not excelling at shit i'm really trying.

during my bowling league i started playing in a football rec league. which we went undefeated and won our first season..TDK (touch down kingz). and let me just say..that was some hard shit. cause them dudes playing us were BIG as hell. and i took some life changing hits. like "you can feel your bones cracking" hits after a dude 6'3 259 pounds has just hit you at full speed. but i made it though... all bruised and battered but a champion.

which leads us to the current rec league, this damn basketball league. and just a little back story. growing up folks used to say michael jordan was my father because of the tricks i could do. yes, i was short...but basketball was truly my sport. that and baseball. i was the kid jumping around with ankle weights on to increase my hops. so when i say i can play ball, i'm not bullshiting. i'm 100% for real. i admit my shortcomings, but basketball is NOT one of them. so we start this league and i find out that former nba players, former college players are playing against us. how fucking fair is that? we're dudes in our early 30's playing ringers & 20 y/o's. how is that fucking fair? it most simply is not. which is probably why we aren't undefeated. but i will say this much, we give them dudes a hell of a game. and the young dudes. they don't even have a chance. the only teams we've lost to have had ringers. at least one of the dudes have played ball on a professional level. the teams with the dudes 19, 20, 21..are getting that ass whooped tho.

they are killing us with all the energy and running. we bout to catch heart attacks and our knees trying to give out. but it's literally like playing kids when we play them. i think age, has truly made us better skilled players. because we play smarter not harder. it's called daddy ball. it's where 3 players stay at one end and the other two take on the entire team on the other half of the court. meaning..we are disrespecting you to the point where we don't even need the whole team to cover you. not to mention it prevents us from having to run down to the other end as much.


Anonymous said...

lmao @ you wearing ankle weights to increase your hops.

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@alee: DID increase my hops. lol

sunshinestar110 said...

Please don't have a heart attack out there playing with them young boys!!!! I agree i think its unfair for former ball players to part of the rec league unfair advantage for them.

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@sunshinestar110: i'm not gonna have no heart attack. i'm in good shape. not physically, but health wise. lol. i can hang. and trust, i'm not trying to push myself to the point where i break. i just think it's messed up that they have ringers. we would probably be undefeated in this too, if they didn't have nba, college players, & 7' tall dudes playing against us.