Monday, June 14, 2010

i love & miss my place...

June Challenge (day#14) 

i love my house. especially after i've been gone a minute. it feels good to walk back into a clean house.

well ok, things weren't quite that clean. i walk in the bedroom, with a load of clothes scattered around the bed. shirt selections thrown across the iron board. socks and shoes laying around the bed.

the sheets wrinkled, hanging off the side of the bed. what in the hell was i doing before i left? why did i leave my "area" in disarray?  oh that's right, because i was in a rush. i hate that because if it was all clean i would have walked in the house all excited to be home. instead, all i wanted to do was sit down and eat. now retire to the bedroom to the "packing clothes" nightmares i call my room right now. i just keep imaging my nice clean bedroom. the bed made up, new clean sheets, pillows set up all wonderfully. i just wanna dive in and get the sleep i've been missing. get up, walk into my clean bathroom..(yanno minus the stuff all over the counter, clothes and towels thrown about) get a nice refreshing shower.

don't get me wrong. i love my house. i'd just love it more if it were clean right now. it would totally increase joy of being home.


JStar said...

I SOOOO feel you here....I LOVE to walk into a clean house after a hard days work...When my girls are home...that doesnt happen lol

sunshinestar110 said...

I don't care in what condition my house is in when i get home its home and i love coming back to it!!!!

jazzyjaz said...

awwww...reading this just made me miss my place! (sad face)