Saturday, June 19, 2010

i got the saggies..

June Challenge (day #19)

i know i'm always claiming some type of disorder. well let me share with you yet ANOTHER disorder i have. it's called, no-as-at-all disease. i caught it from my dad's side of the family. and yes, i'm ashamed to admit i passed it to my own child. yes, i'm sorry son.

my back just starts and keeps going until my legs start. it's just a pitiful sight. for the longest i had no idea. thankfully being a guy it's not something your judged on too much. in fact if you have too much, that would be a BIGGER problem as my boy "big panties" found out at a young age. yes we call him "big panties". but, i digress (as usual..). back to me and my non-existent little ass problem. aside from my jeans being too long, i have the problem of them falling down. all the time.

i don't try to sag. in fact you can tell it's no my intention because i'm constantly pulling them up. i don't think it's cool. i try to embrace my grown man-ness, my pants actually fit. i'm not trying to advertise my underwear, or dare i say my butt crack. i just can't keep my pants up. and that's not even in a sexual way, so you should know i'm being serious. even with a belt pulled to it's tightest, my pants will drop down. in fact i don't remember the last time i even unbuckled or unfastened my pants. i just pull them straight down. *sad face* donate some ass to me.

let me stop. lmao (literally..)


Ashley said...

You can either... 1.) Buy some suspenders to wear under your shirts or 2.) Get some butt injections to keep your pants up.

hightopsandpearls said...

... or 3) Get some booty pop panties.

Don't say I never gave you anything.

~Sheila~ said...

Ughhh, can't stand it!

It annoys me to no end that people's pants are always halfway off their ass. Now I know you can't help it. (poor baby)

I like to point stuff like that out to my kids when we are in public. I have them notice how the guys try to walk with their legs spread apart so their pant do fall. it's ridiculous.

THen Dom wants to walk around with his crack showing and it drives me crazy.
Last thing I want to see is my 15 yr olds ass crack.

Good luck on growing a booty.

Alovelydai said...

Eat cheese grits! Seems to work wonders the sista down south!

sunshinestar110 said...

I can't with you!! lol..i just can't!!! I'm gonna tell you like grandma told me...Baby eat some cornbread it is sure to give you a lil backside!!

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@ashley: i think we both know, neither of those things are

@hightopandpearls: do no co-sign to her insanity. lol. i do not want nothing named bootypop for myself. link *denied*

@sheila: smh @ you ridiculing people in public for life lessons. "dom, see him..yea the dude over there looking stupid as hell with his pants on the ground. go over take a picture..that is what you DON'T want to do with your life". lol

@alovelydai: i love grits, but HATE cheese grits. maybe that's why i never grew a butt?.. *kanye shrug*

@sunshinestar110: you can, you listen i eat. and i've gained weight. but i will not grow a butt. it's just not in my genes/jeans

DaBossBitch said...

OMG. At least your not female. I have been the butt of butt jokes since high school. My jeans are always falling down. I even have to keep pulling up the tight tight ones. And you're right. Belts don't help.

Once more... at least you aren't female. *sigh*