Thursday, June 17, 2010

homeless jacked....

June Challenge (day #17)

you ever got jacked for some money? not jacked as in they held a gun to your head and demanded your money. but you gave them some money then watch them walk into the liquor store shortly after? or you went to get gas, had a guy tell you a sob story about needing 3 gallons to get across town, then you hit up a nearby gas station on your way home for some lotto tickets & bbq fritos and see the same guy selling the same story?

my problem is not with the homeless. it's with the hustlers. if you hustling on the homeless game, why don't you go live outside for a few? let me make this clear, i give money to people that i feel need it. i will talk to, look them in their eyes, and actually speak a blessing with the one i'm giving them. in fact one of my best conversations to date was with a homeless man. i've had them help me move furniture. i've had them actually come back to me on later dates and update me on their progress. i am a giver. my parents taught me, that once you give money away it's their money. so i'm not tripping on what you want to use the money for. i know it's hard out there. if you need a drink or a hit of something to take you away from your reality, i will NOT stand in your way. i just pray you put the blessing to the best use.

but what i do have issue with. is dudes with kids in strollers walking up to me saying they need some money to get gas. and you go in the store after giving them money and they still got their kids baking in the son. or ladies that come up to your car while you're pumping gas trying to sell you free pamplets from the grocery store, and after you decline they ask if they can just get $2 to get on the bus. i don't like liars. if you're hungry and i'm walking into a restaurant i will buy you some food. but i hate when what i deem as help is not appreciated. i was walking into KFC a few years ago, this guy with one leg was sitting outside of the door. he said, "hey mister, do you have some change..i've very hungry". i checked my pocket and told him, i didn't have any. but i walked in and bought him a 3 piece meal. i give dude the meal on the way out and the dude says, "what no drink?". are you fucking serious dude? if you don't appreciate what i'm doing for you, give it back. i can find 4 other homeless people a block down to give that food to. i saw this dude cross the street, pick up a sign off the ground, and start working an intersection (which may i add..i hate. i can deal with the freeway ramp, but i HATE when you are in the middle of an intersection going up and down the street like you got a non-profit badge). i got a $5 bill out my pocket, and waited. i watched as he limped over to people's windows and just took the money out of their hand and stuffed it in his pocket. he didn't even look at them once they stuck the money out. to don't have to kiss no one's ass, but if someone gives you something out of their pocket. you at least say thank you. you at least look at them and acknowledge what they are doing for you. after i saw that, i folded the money back up and put it in my pocket. the keyword is "grateful". i'm grateful for the gifts God has allotted for me. and i try to share those with people i can. but you can't shit on my hand and think i will continue to extend it to you.

i wish people who think that begging is a job would just go get a fucking job. you are good at asking for money, be a telemarketer or some shit. leave the change for people who really need it. leave it for the guy who is going to sleep under the underpass. leave it for the lady who is going to sell her body for a place to stay. people don't trust homeless people because of you sorry ass people. i'd much rather give a homeless man a $20 bill that he'll use to get him a burger, admission to the homeless center, and maybe a beer. than give a hustler $3 that he'll use to be a bum (begging useless motherfucker), instead of a real man and get a damn job to take care of his family. homeless people don't beg as job, they beg because they need help. they are not bums. the real bums are the people who ask for money then get in their car and drive away.


ms.rubies said...

i totally agree, i've really cut down on my giving to the 'homeless' because some of them like you said are just hustlers looking to make a quick dollar.

Congratulations! we have made it soo far this month!

DaBossBitch said...

The other day my girls and I were in Wendy's and a dude was in there begging for money saying he was hungry. My girl told him she'd buy him something to eat and walked towards the counter and he said no he'd take the money because he wanted Chinese food. Yo! Dude got nada! But then again we all have a taste for a burger, or sushi, or whatever. Just cause dude was begging didn't mean he didn't have a taste for some chicken lo mein that day.

sunshinestar110 said...

This is how I feel every time I go to pull out money for those less fortunate than us. I hesitate quite more often than before in giving I would rather purchase you what you need.

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@ms rubies: yup yup...hustlers who are too lazy to put that skill to good use. go play the market or some shit..make millions, instead of begging for $2 from everyone in the grocery store parking lot. and congrats we are almost done..

@dabossbitch: i mean yea you could be in the mood for something else. but beggers can't be choosers. if you're really hungry you'll eat anything & be grateful for it.

@sunshinestar110: yea i agree. but giving is a blessing. so give because it's good. use discretion only so you can be sure you have for those who are really in need.