Thursday, June 17, 2010

#twitterkills thursday #31

okay..this may not bother most of yall, but something that bothers the hell out of me. the misuse of twitter pictures. it's a few things that i just can't look past.

#twitterkills thursday 31 topic of the week: when twitter pictures go wrong...

#1 annoyance: if i gotta click out my twitter app to look at your pictures on twitter, your life to be will remain picture-less.

put it plain and simple, i hate shit. i should be able to click on your picture,it come up real quick and close it. i do not want to share a tab with my other shit open to see you looking at a sign that says, "caknew for sale". i would have thought the misspelling of canoe was funny if i didn't have to wait 2 minutes later, decrease the size, and go back to my twitter client to tweet you a reply. just saying. please use twitpic or tweetphoto. it's so much simpler for everyone else.

#2 annoyance: if you got risque pictures, do NOT post a link to your twitpic

because newsflash idiot. twitpic will show your last three pictures. and yes some people are nosy enough to flip back to older one's. that drunken night you got all loose on twitter after dark and spread eagle on the bed, with chocolate sauce all over your body..yea that shit is still there. and you showing me the cute little girl getting an ice cream will totally be ignored for the chocolate laced kitty in the next pic. and then passed to EVERYONE else i

#3 annoyance: if you participate in any of the get naked days..

 #morningwoodmonday,#tittytuesday,#wangwendesday,#thangoutthursday, #freakyfriday, #sexysaturday, #sinnersunday..

i mean i love to see naked pictures just like everyone else. but of my twitter friends uh, not so much. if you want me to be able to see you with your clothes on, don't do it. because i guarantee everything will be "blah blah blah" lemme see your titties. i'm sorry, that's just how it goes.

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