Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Alarm Clock Loyalty...

June Challenge (day #1)

i know half of yall hear the alarm clock and slap it real fast before the second beep, second note of your cd plays, or before steve harvey does another one of his annoying laughs.

me on the other hand. i have no problem getting out of the bed. in fact, i have more problems getting to bed than waking up. but one thing that does prohibit me from starting me day...i have to SING every song that's playing on my alarm clock before i become productive. what you have to understand with me, i can NOT be startled when waking up. i've had two episodes where that was not good. one, i woke up late. to my ex screaming my name..and i jumped up and ran straight into the wall. the other time i woke up to my alarm going off at 3 am in the morning. it didn't dawn on me what the noise was for a minute. then when it did..i dashed across the hall, grabbed my son up (freaking him the fuck out), ran to the closet, got my gun, was about to shoot the shit out of the alarm company calling me on the phone and anyone else who might have picked the wrong house on the wrong night to attempt to try to break in...needless to say. me and random noises don't mix. so i can't do alarm beeps. i can't do cellphone beeps. the radio is too random for me. so i HAVE to have a cd. and not someones whole cd, because i'm sure they'll have something too random that will trigger the "crazy" in me in the morning. i have to have a mixed cd of approved songs i can wake up to. i've had the same cd in my cd alarm clock for years.

a few of the songs i can share with you...my favorite artist..Eric Roberson is track #1 & #2.

track #1: music can take you higher - eric roberson

song is real smooth, mellow. has a trumpets and a calypso esque kinda beat. it wakes me up and i get all hyped in a smooth manner.

track #2: STILL couldn't hear her over my music - eric roberson

this is real real smooth. and the guitar solo at the end is what guitar hero dreams are made out of, because i know the entire thing, every rift, every chord and i will sing the fuck out of it yes EVERY morning.

track # 3-4..i can not reveal.

1. it could be potentially damaging to your opinions of me. "he couldn't POSSIBLY listen to that song....could he?"...
2. because it's a singer MORE than half of yall hate.
3. because my girlfriend will read this post, and then try to figure out what it is (so i will have to remove them before she comes back down here. lol)

but i'll will say they make all the difference in the morning to me. so whatever to yall nig-gaws.

track #5: always & forever - marques houston.

yes strange. but for some odd reason i enjoy it in the morning. so i will wrap my morning serenade with this song.

and that's my morning ritual. once i've cycled through the songs, i can turn off my alarm clock. turn my tv on or leave the room. the only time i break this cycle is if i'm severely running late or my girlfriend is here. in fact i'm quite certain even my son can sing everyone of the songs too. that's how dedicated i am. but i'm gonna get me a new mix, i promise. i'm gonna make a new one this week. #icanchange


sunshinestar110 said...

This just brighten up my day!! lmaooooooo

Supastarrr said...

I'd like to think tracks 3-4 have something to do w| Justin Beiber.

jazzyjaz said...

lmaooooooooooo @ u running into the wall! how in the hell did that happen?

And I love Eric Roberson!! i had to turn my friends on to main man

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@sunshinestar110: i's glad, i's glad...love to brighten up your day.

@supastarrr: I'm not pedophile. I don't listen to anyone under 18..justin, diggy, anyone else. So no not justin. Trust it's someone really famous & really hated. Lol

@ jazzyjaz: I have no idea, I just jumped up & took off. And I'm glad someone else has great taste in music. Eric is the truth.

ms.rubies said...

BUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG....@you running into the wall. your poor son hearing the click of your gun in the dark! OH MAHN! that was greatness