Wednesday, June 9, 2010

go play in traffic, or something..

 June Challenge (day #9)

so i pull up to my house, and i see this dude running from the side of my house. i then see another, then another, then a sister & a brother.

do these kids wanna get killed today? seriously, where do they do that at?

apparently in my driveway.  

when i was a kid and we'd play in someone's yard. as soon as that person came home we'd run. you NEVER. EVER. stand in someone you don't know yard and stare at them like they pulling into YOUR driveway.

i used to live across the street from this little gay guy who used to be the BIGGEST asshole in the world. if we were playing baseball, football, anything..and the ball landed in his yard. we could kiss that shit goodbye. he used to come outside and scream, "yall stay off my grass...". if we were out shooting firecrackers, and they landed in his yard he'd call the police on us. because back in that day firecrackers were illegal in GA. he was always a big jerk & i never understood why.

until the first time i went in my backyard and found a baseball like 3 feet away from my window. and when i was watching tv, my satellite went out for a minute. i go out there and see those little assholes are playing soccer in my backyard.

  • first off let me apologize to the old gay dude from across the street. if i would have known how fucking annoying it is to have children that aren't yours, nor playing with yours all up in your yard i wouldn't have played anywhere near yours.
  • if those kids break a window or my damn satellite playing in my yard, i swear i will go to jail for beating their asses like their parents should have.
  • you already know i'm crazy, i'm already plotting to kill the deer that keep eating my flowers in my yard..why yall wanna fuck with me?

i mean, i have no problem with kids. i don't wanna ruin their fun time. but when they start fucking with my tv watching and almost breaking my windows...i can't co-sign that shit. when they have no respect for my yard, or for me...i can't co-sign that shit. if this is what summer is about to bring, i'm about to bring the pain. i swear if i ever see them kids in my driveway again, i'm about to start aiming and laying them out. let their parents claim them from my driveway since they wanna stand there and watch their asses play in my yard. they can come get some too..


★Starrla Monae☆ said...

LMAO!! I don't understand why parents don't chastise kids for going into someone else's yard. They must be sneaking off to do it because if my mom caught my brother and I playing somewhere we didn't belong, it was fire on our asses! That was a no-no when I was growing up!

Isis said...

yo this shit happened to me a couple times when i was living in miami...i pulled up in my driveway, and the kids from next door would be runnin out my backyard...

the 1st time i talked to the kids...the next time i caught them i talked to the parents...then i got a dog and never caught them again (that wasn't why i got the dog).

Alovelydai said...

"i'm already plotting to kill the deer that keep eating my flowers in my yard..why yall wanna fuck with me?" ***Done*****

Yeah having to contend with kids now that you have to maintain your own lawn is a whole new ball game (& that ball better not fall on my grass)!

JStar said...

I can only imagine...I would feel the same way if I had a yard...I get annoyed by the kids playing in our parking lot and in front of our apt building but we dont have a playground or swimming pool so they have no where else to play...

sunshinestar110 said... this reminded me of the move Friday when Stanley scream stay off my lawn! Kids are much different from how we were back in the day ..maybe you should say a little something something about it...

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@starrla monae: no they aren't sneaking, their sorry ass parents are standing in their driveway WATCHING them play in my yard. it was a definite no-no when i was growing up.

@isis: lol @ you scaring them with a dog. yea, i thought them just seeing the mean mug on my face they'd realize it wasn't cool. but i think the next time, i'm going to have to just say something. i don't even KNOW their parents and their my next door neighbors. *kanye shrug*

@alovelydai: i'm and yea it's real annoying, watching them grazing in my front yard. i just wanna open the door and scream at them.

@jstar: it's some kids near the entrance of the neighborhood that play in the cul de sac but it's not a real cul de sac, cause it actually opens up to a road. but it's a little cover and kids like 2 & 3 will just be sitting in the middle of the street or riding their bikes ALONE. it pisses me off so much. all it'll take is one person going to fast that doesn't know they play in the street and to slow down or won't see them. my son knows not to go out of our yard. he knows not even to go to the edge of my yard. why can't these parents teach their kids the same? i'm saying, love you kids enough to save their lives.

@sunshinestar110: oh, i am. if i catch them in my yard again. it go so bad, two of them parked a car near my mailbox. it's like if your ass is driving ain't no reason you should drive over to someone else's house and play in their yard and not even know them. don't care if you're playing with the kids of my neighbors or not. park in front of their yard. play in their yard. 16 is not too far from 18...they piss me off, i'll wait 2 years..i will wait.

stephanie said...

haha they're probably gonna think of you like you thought of dude when you were coming up.

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@stephanie: cept, mine won't be idle threats. they will feel my vengeance..