Friday, June 11, 2010

lucky daddy...

 June Challenge (#day 11)

by now yall should know i have a four year old son, who pretty much runs me crazy everyday. i say that in the most loving way possible, because i wouldn't trade it for anything. but it's tough.

me and my ex mrs. share him throughout the week. i have him tuesday afternoon through saturday afternoon. so that means i have him most school days. so our typical morning...i wake up. i roam around the house. getting his uniform ready. i get myself together. get my food. watch tv for a little while. YES, i wake up that early every morning. then i walk into his room, jump in the bed with him and start my "it's time to wake up" routine. normally i'll just talk to him and tickle him till he wakes up. then we'll hit the bathtub where he will play with his water toys for about 10 minutes. dry him off, lotion him up, put his clothes on. you'd think he'd be good and ready to go right? wrong..this is the point where he wants to get difficult. i tell him it's time to brush his teeth. i have to literally chase him around the room and wrap him up in a towel to keep him from moving. seriously...then when i brush his hair, he has to brush mine first. it's like an unspoken deal. so after i let him brush mine, i do his and i'm going downstairs to get him some breakfast. i come back up with his breakfast mix, since he's very funny about what he eats. and his ass is back in the bed. in his clothes, shoes, everything..watching sprout. this is where the battle begins. i put his food on the bed. and tell him to eat so we can go.

me: come on man, you gotta eat
him: i'm not hungry
me: come on, we gotta go...
him:"no, no school".
me: yes, school. you have to go to school
him: no, no school. i'm not going
me:  yes you are going, come on and eat the food
him:i wanna watch Max & Ruby
me:  you can watch Max & Ruby but you got to eat your food
him: okay

he goes and eats a few things off the plate and drinks his pediasure (which he's addicted to). i look at the clock and tell him it's time to go. he looks at me and says, "i'm not going". it's not until i walk out the door, does he just follow me all pissy. we get in the car. and i have to wrestle with him for 5 minutes to sit in his booster seat. he'll climb over the seat and be in the third row. i'll let down the second row and he'll climb into the trunk. i'll go to the trunk and he'll climb back into the third row, second row, then in the front seat. once in the front seat, i'll grab him and put him in the seat. he'll unbuckle the seatbelt and look at me like, "now what nig-gaw". so i'll just get in the driver seat, ignore him, and then tell him to buckle the seatbelt back. which he will. we finally head out and get to the school early. at this point he knows what's coming. i open the door he's already out his seatbelt and waiting for me to open his door (i keep the child lock on the back doors cause he's too crafty). i open the door and we walk into the school. he spends like 3 minutes everyday showing me nemo in the fish aquarium. then we walk the .5 mile to his classroom. yall know how big these church schools are. we finally get to the classroom and i say bye & he gives me one of the biggest best hugs ever. then walks away like i'm abandoning him at walmart. i always want to go back and get him as soon as i drop him off.

so i go off, go for my run. go to work. do whatever i can squeeze into the few hours he's in school and come and pick him back up. then we go to work. which a lot of people be like, "you take you kid to work..?" and yes, a lot of times it's boring. but the one thing i'll always be able to say is, "i spent time with my kid". that's the most important thing to me. i don't ever want him to be able to say, i wasn't around. or that i worked too much and never spent time with him. so he has his dvd player, his toys. i try to make a stop off at monkey joes and do things for him. i also try to wrap it up early on days i have him. but for the most part it's just me & him, chillin'. that's my little homeboy & even though he's worrisome some of the times, he's the best shotgun partner i'm gonna have.


JStar said...

Man I was over here laughing at your daily routine because I remember those days vividly! I wouldnt have traded those days either...The only part I do really miss about that age is the hugs and affection...Now that my girls are teens, I gets none of that anymore :(

ms.rubies said...

awww that really made me sniffle and tear up, it sounds like true love!

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

Awwww such an endearing post!! Your son is lucky!

Alovelydai said...

Wow I think you & my hubby have the same routine (I'm out the door at 6am, hubby's on day duties) except replace Pediasure for Choc Soy Milk & he has to have oatmeal & raisins!

Yes your son (& mine) are so lucky & blessed to have such wonderful daddies!

BTW you are really going strong w/ the blog challenge. I may have to do that one month...far far from now! Keep it up!

sunshinestar110 said...

awwwwwwww.That just made a tear drop from my eye. U both are so lucky to have each other.

Beyond Danielle said...

luckily you only have one with all that pleading to get ready in the morning.

jazzyjaz said...

So precious!!!! Lucky u are!!

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@jstar: stop laughing at me lol. I'm not looking forward to the lack of affection, my son be giving me so much life with his hugs. Seriously.

@ms. Rubies: it is true love.

@starrla monae: I'm the lucky one, he's a great kid

@alovelydai: yea it's a handful, but worth it. And I am dedicated to this blog challenge. Headed out of town right now, but still gonna try to hit that update up.

@sunshinestar110: thanks..*catching your hater tears* "everytime a hater cries the celtics win a game. (The lakers lose)

@beyond danielle: no idea how you do it..i'd be ready to strangle myself if I had another one around the same age lol.

@jazzyjaz: thanks..I feel very lucky.