Wednesday, June 23, 2010

i see you bruh..

June Challenge (day #23)

i see ya little brother..running down the street advertising to everybody. well let me just tell you...some of us aren't buying. we don't wanna see that shit. go put some clothes on. i don't care that you're eating right. working out all day long. you think you're the only one that jogs? i jog too. 5 miles to be exact.

do you see me out there with sweat all over my muscles? no i have on a sweat stained shirt like every other man who is out there for his health. NOT for fulfilling the eye fantasies for the perverted women out there. and to add insult to injury you aren't even on a track, or in a park. you are running outside my house. which means i get up, scratch my belly, walk out my room to get some food and i see your nakedness from my big window. making me feel bad for the food choices that are on my mind. the food choices that i can already taste in my mouth. the food choices that would make my stomach love me. instead of the fiber one bars that makes my stomach purge in the other direction.

damn you dude..*sucking in gut* it's all good. the ladies slowing down in front of my house to watch you run might think you're hot right now. but give it a few months. when it get a little cooler. you will have to cover up. it will be too cold for them to care about you. then i'll be back in style. all warm and cuddly. so live in the moment sir. do you're little early morning run, while i lounge around the house all lazy and shit. eventually all those muscles turn into this *releases gut...breathes freely*. i once was you. this is your away from that.


Beyond Danielle said...

OMG stop hating, this is the best part of summer. Well just seeing a good looking man with a nice body working out makes my day. Shit even with the sweaty shirts on.

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

LMAO!!! Motivation man. MO-TI-VA-TION! This IS THEE absolute best part of the summer as Beyond Danielle stated and it stays hot in Miami so I get to indulge in the male semi-nakedness almost all year =)

Alovelydai said...

Go 'head...sweat down the street...I won't tell! You know you want to.

sunshinestar110 said...

awwwwwwwwwwww...Just keep at it old man and baby u too will look like one of the young thangs!!! lol

xxxx said...

lmao you are a mess.. dont be hating on the young bucks cause they staying fit.. lol..that last picture was motivation for anyone to put down the food and hit the gym..

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@beyond danielle: i can understand that. seeing a woman with a crazy body makes my eyes happy too. but if she was running around with her shirt off or her pants off, you'd tell her to put some clothes on it too..*no hate*

@starrla monae: oh..i'm motivated alright. motivated to keep eating. if i'm healthy. and the only benefit of working out and not eating what i want is having a woman look at me with lustful

cupcakes > woman having lustful thoughts but still ain't trying to get with me.

@alovelydai: actually i sweat down the driveway going to get the mail..i'm cool on the street running lol

@sunshinestar110: i know, i know. played basketball last night with a bunch of young dudes. they ran the hell out of us. but skill will kill. and we won, despite the fact it was gonna kill our ass in the process.

@xxxx: i am not hating. i'm just saying. that was me. i used to take my shirt off and run. i used to have women cat calling me. but i'm saying. even with a gut & no butt..chicks still give a few looks. so don't convinced being cut is necessary.