Sunday, June 13, 2010

im out of town..

june challenge (day# 13)

my phone is dying. i hate chicks with ashy feet and hairy legs. this is all...

{the i'm back home addition}

so what i was trying to say in my 2 1/2 sentence blog..(yes it was a blog.) was that i was out this weekend helping my boy celebrate his birthday early (since it falls before father's day weekend and i give that weekend to my father). so we out doing it grown man style and we see these chicks. they all trying to flex cause they we at my boy's show. he's singing doing his thing and we sitting there looking important. so me being the only one with a girl, i'm not checking for no chicks. but me also being a very observant person i can hear this chick rubbing her legs. and i know what you're thinking.."you can hear her rubbing her legs?". yes, in the most non-perverted way i could hear her due to the mounds of hair on her legs.

now i'm not a hairy guy myself. i takes me about a month to grow a good amount of facial hair. so this kinda threw me for a loop. she had tons more than monique if that can kinda reference to where i'm going. so i notice that, glance down and notice her feet are extremely ashy cause she had the nerve to wear flip flops. huh? it's like you're doing the most right now. it was unnecessary to show any of that. she didn't have to expose her hair legs with a skirt or her ashy feet with those flips flops. i'm just glad she had on a shirt with sleeves, because i'm pretty sure she had hairy armpits. yes, it's wrong to assume, but it look like she's allergic to razors. so me being the person i am. i tell my cousin sitting next to me. and me and him are having our "inside joke" moment. so our boy chuckie (which some of yall know from twitter) has an extremely big mouth. and hates being left out. so we tell him..and now dude is asking the chick for some lotion. so now we're sitting there..cause he's asking her for lotion knowing good and well if she had some she would have handled those floured feet of hers. inside jokes galore. that's what inspired that blog. sorry. lol..


Supastarrr said...

lol plain & simple.

sunshinestar110 said... you know these little one sentence blogs do not count with you 30 day challenge cuz if that's the case i can knock them all out right better S. do better

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@supastarrr: yup, just like that..

@sunshinestar110: they do count. this is an "out of town" thing. not a blog neglect thing. i've gone back and added pictures for you to feel they are