Sunday, June 6, 2010

no shower for me...

 June Challenge (day #6)

so my cousin, who is kinda like my sister is pregnant with her second child. her son who is kinda like my nephew, is my godson. my cousin has officially told me i was the soon to be godfather of her soon to be new baby girl. i have NO issue with this. i love kids. i love my cousin. i loved to be both her kids godfather. but what i don't love and can not co-sign on is this invitation to her baby shower. like seriously?

as soon as i got it in the mail i called her up and was like, "so um..yea, what is this shit?". she immediately started laughing and informed me it was an invitation to view her registry that she knew nor did not expect me to come to her baby shower. but then she tells me how a few guys will be there in case i did want to stop by. wait. guys at a baby shower? a FEW guys? w-t-f has happened to the world of masculinity? how the hell do you find yourself at a baby shower? please tell your chick or your mama to get your balls out your purse (yes, i said your purse) because you need a nut job. i don't even co-sign gay men being at baby shower. all that happens at baby showers are stupid games, talking about babies, & women food. deviled eggs, finger sandwiches, cheese & crackers...yanno the kinda food that makes you hungrier instead of like you ate something? there is absolutely NOTHING for a man at a baby shower, except women. and that's like trying to pick up women after a wedding.

women after weddings = emotional & looking for a husband
women after baby showers = emotional & poking holes in condoms.

so you see not a ideal pick up spot. and before yall start up and say, "well it's okay for the father of the baby..." NO THE HELL IT'S NOT. i have a son. do you think i went to his baby shower? did my father go to mine? do i know any dude that has gone to their child's baby shower. no. no. no. wait, i do. my cousin went to his daughter's shower. i guess since he was having a girl, he thought it was alright to start acting like one? just joking, or am i?


Isis said...


my cousin had her baby shower at some steakhouse...we did play a couple games, but there were girls & guys me, most babyshowers are just like any other casual get-together. there's food, alcohol, music, & smoking in some cases.

bridal showers on the other hand...are no man's land.

~Sheila~ said...

Ok, so you don't want to go. Are you going to send a gift? ...and maybe some wings for the poor saps that will be sitting around watching the girls OOOH and AHHH over teeny tiny clothes and shoes?
As the shower is going might be secretely wishing you were there.

Don't worry. I won't tell anyone.

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@isis: listen, you can't trick me. there isn't no drinking and hanging out at baby showers. you're just trying to take me off guard. lol.

@sheila: whatever to your constant search to make me a sissyboy. lol. i do not want to go to no damn baby shower. and yes, i bought her a gift a very nice one. in fact i bought her one from me & picked up one from her brother since he's out of town. her baby shower is today and i am currently about to get ready for a pool party, so baby shower for me. lol.

sunshinestar110 said...

Its a new day men go to baby showers now! Now I don't cosign with this because I just grew up with no men there but maybe the father who stops in for awhile and at the end to help collect the gifts but no sitting through it. i would think yall would be quite bored with all the girly stuff that goes on.

Just send a great gift and call it a day!

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@sunshinestar110: whatever. men do not belong at no baby shower. stopping buy to pick up the gifts AFTER the shower is acceptable. and i bought her a great gift, so she doesn't even care if i came or not.

jazzyjaz said...

I had men at my baby shower matter of fact it was a gang of men...and they were all straight! They can say what they want but I know they enjoyed themselves they played the hell out of the game and being that men are competitive they made it much more exciting....Don't knock until you try it!! lol

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@jazzyjaz: smh...i will not sit here and talk about your gang of male friends. i'll just say, tell them to straighten up their panties "the streets are watching"