Monday, June 21, 2010

stuck in tv land...

 June Challenge (day #21)

so..i'm laying in my nice big comfortable bed. thanks to my mommy i got a nice memory foam topper on my already nice big plush mattress. i don't have my "special" pillow, but i have arranged a couple to lay my head on. the lights are off. nothing but the flicker of light that jumps off my tv screen lights the room. i stare up at my 52 inch plasma screen on my bedroom wall. it's stretched across the wall directly in front of my bed. almost like i'm laying inside the blu ray movie i'm watching. i'm completely submerged in the action around me.

the movie ends. and now i'm stuck. why am i stuck you may ask? because unfortunately even though my room is set up for my tv watching enjoyment. my cable box & blu ray player are NOT. the damn boxes are hidden behind the bottom of my enormous sleigh bed. so in order to to change the channel, to end the blu ray watching experience or do anything besides change the volume of the tv...i gotta get my lazy ass up or i have to lean over the edge of the bed to change the damn channel. don't sound like much of a problem to you? if only you knew how lazy my ass is, once i finally do get comfortable you'd understand. i will lay there and stare at the credits and of my blu ray movie. i will continue when it goes back to the opening menu. i will continue as it continues to show the images over and over again. thinking to myself..."is it really worth getting up?..". i will finally get up, especially if i'm on the phone or gonna be up for a while and flip off the player and turn on the tv.

now the next decision is crucial. whatever i choose to turn the tv to, is where it's staying. either i'll turn to skin-a-max and guarantee i'll have some nude pleasure watching till i get ready to doze off. i might find a few movies i'd like to see and auto set them to change when the time changes. or i'll just turn to tv land and leave the tv there all night. either way once this last decision of the night is made..that's where i'm stuck. and i know you're saying.."you're not really stuck...". listen. as lazy as i am, my tv might as well have no channel button at all after this point. it's really only a matter of time before i start calling my son in my room..."can you change the channel for me?" i'd do it now, but he'd have me watching dragon tails, max & ruby, thomas & friends..etc. all night long.


Ashley said...

If you were smart you'd strategically place mirrors throughout your room to bounce the remote signal off of the mirrors and onto your cable box and blu ray disc... But we all know you aren't ;-) I am the #ultimatelazybum lol

sunshinestar110 said...

lol..Just pure laziness smh and I thought I was bad..u got me beat!

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@ashley: omg..i might try that..if it works you are getting a "greatest friend" plaque, paid for with my kroger plus savings. lol

@sunshinestar110: what can i say?..i accept this award on behalf of all the lazy people.