Wednesday, August 10, 2011

wow...just wow

just wow

admiring your shade of beautiful
all of your amazing features
your eyes, your nose, your ears, your lips...
all the things that make you, you
i could stare for days
the rest of my life
just wow

my eyes staring at you
piercing through you
long glances
i see past your exterior
your flaws...your shortcomings
i see you, i get you
i can let you take my heart
but i can't let you take my eyes off of you
just wow

your lips
so inviting
i love the way you bite them
lick them
curve them into that pretty smile
i want to kiss you, til you feel it in your toes
your neck..your back..
your...well i'll leave it at that
just wow

when i touch you, i're mine
you like it, you love it, you want some more of it...
because you invite my touch
invite me to explore
to follow your curves...crevices...your spots
caress you here, caress you there, caress you everywhere
can i follow your road
to the softest place on earth?
just wow

let's play cause & effect
cause i want to cause an effect in you
when i breath in, you breath out
when i close my eyes, i want you to open yours
watch me.....
love you
you've made me say it, now...
i want to make you say
just wow

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Just Wow! I loved this!!!