Tuesday, August 2, 2011

day #2 music challenge

day#2: my least favorite song


this was my homeboys favorite song. and i HATED it. and don't get me wrong. wu-tang clan beasted on C.R.E.A.M & all be so simple. and method man will forever be one of my favorite MC's. but truth is..if you weren't from NY none of the shit they said meant anything to you. that's the thing NY'ers don't get. we don't "hate" on NY..we just don't relate to shit you're talking about. and even though you think "everyone wants to be from NY...." we don't. we have our own life, our own streets and we are able to describe shit so that everyone can feel it. people on the west, east, midwest & south can feel Outkast. there is no "exclusiveness" when it comes to their music. this is why they are where they are and wu tang  & every other NY rapper is....

well yanno.

if you don't i'ma let soulja boy tell em..(*soulja boy voice* not buying $55 million dollar jets)

[decided to go ahead and post since i'm all in the posting mood and shit, maybe i can post a random post tomorrow since i've already filled my obligation]

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