Sunday, August 7, 2011

day #7 music challenge

day# 7: a song that reminds me of an event...


ok, so yall know i'm from the south and by the early 80's michael jackson, ozone & turbo (from breakin' my favorite movie) had made dancing very popular. so me and my cousin (who is actually a dancer now...), a couple of my friends had a dance group. and we used to wreck havoc. i mean like totally challenge dudes like in the old school breakdancing movies. 

and we challenged these dudes to a dance off (don't laugh..i promise you it was NOT lame back when we did it). and we started dancing and put this song on and WILDED out on those dudes. i'm saying flips, pop & locking, etc..and after we were done we were celebrating our victory. and them dudes beat the shit out of us. i'm talking about black eyes, busted lips, sprang ankles..everything.

this song forever gets me crunk. but every time it comes on me and my cousin both look over our shoulders. 

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