Wednesday, August 10, 2011

day #10 music challenge

day#10: a song that makes me sleepy...


like someone else said, it's not because i don't love this song. it's not because i find it boring. i love me'shell ndegeocello. in fact her "comfort woman" album is crazy dope. it's her voice though. she like lulls me to sleep. her and sade. it was actually a toss up between her and sade because both of them, excellent singers. mellow singers. but you mix me, their songs, and an open road...and i'll be in somebody's ditch.

like literally i can not do either of them while driving, because they relax me and get me all in that "lightly closing my eyes" mode. when i listen to their albums, usually the lights are out. i'm leaning back in a chair. maybe i have a drink, maybe i have a chick, maybe i'm just vibing. but nothing constructive can really happen after they get in my system. and as sensual as their music is..i probably wouldn't even put it on a slow jam mix because i'd be in there doing my thang then....."zzZzzzZ"  lol


Krissy said...

I loveeeee this song but I can see how it can make someone sleepy lol

Freckles said...

i love this song and once upon a time I could so relate. shit happens. I cannot believe that it makes you sleepy.