Friday, August 12, 2011

manfive friday #90're phone is on silent. vibrate. off. you want to escape the world. your job. your problems. the stress. you've taken refuge in your apartment/home. locked the doors, closed the blinds, and crawled in the bed for a few hours of beauty sleep...

it's been a long day, who would deny you of your hermit time?

manfive friday #90 topic of the week: why guys get mad, when you don't answer the phone...

you ever forgot your phone at home or in the car. didn't hear it ring because it was in your purse. look down and just not "feel it" the moment. only to be met with a cuss-out session. why can't he understand you just don't feel like being bothered? you were busy? you really didn't hear your phone? you're selling answers...but he's not buying. 5 reasons guys get so upset with you for not answering your phone..

#5: what part of the game is that?..

when will you woman understand you're REQUIRED to be available when we want to talk. who told you, you could be tired? have a life? escape from the world. you totally checked out but you didn't check and make sure it was okay with us. #wheretheydothatat?

and it's not just reserved to our chicks. when i call my mom and she don't answer..i'm sitting there thinking...WTF. how your mom just not gonna answer the phone?

ya'll know men aren't used to you wanting be alone, especially when we want to talk. yea
we could have went a day or two without calling. but the day we choose to call you and you don't answer...we're sitting there scratching our head. women usually are the one's calling. complaining about not talking enough. asking you to call more. then when we call and you don't answer it totally send us into shock. yes, we may not answer our phone when you call. we may not text you back in a reasonable time frame. but when you do it to violates so many rules. in fact there has to be something about that shit in the bible. "thou shalt not ignore your man's phone call.." and whatever to y'all thinking it couldn't be in the bible because there were no phones. God knows everything and he knew cell phones would be invented. and we (men) would be extremely pissed off when you (women) didn't answer your phone.

so not answering tonight, you're going to hell...

#4: oh, you too busy for me?

so you went out with your girls tonight. y'all threw your purses in the back of your home girls car, so you could party with no restrictions. you're out having the time of your life. drinking, dancing, hanging with your girls. your friend who always starts a fight with someone, hasn't gotten drunk enough to do so yet...the last thing on your mind is your dude. you're not thinking..."what is harold doing?", "i wonder if harold has called or text", "i should check in with harold, it's been a few hours since we've spoken". let's face're about 2 drinks away from forgetting who the hell harold is.

and it's all good. until you get that purse out the back of Sonia's car and you have 4 missed calls, 2 text, 1 dm, and one email....from harold. and your girls are laughing and joking like, "he'll be alright". but you're getting all nervous like ms. cellie from the color purple..cause hey don't know mister gonna beat that ass when you get home...

as much as we don't mind you having a good time, not at our expense. you can ignore your mom when you're talking to me. you can send your work phone call to voicemail. you can let the phone ring with your chick friend calls. but when i'm should be jumping over the bed. knocking down your chicks. breaking your neck & spraining your ankle trying to answer the phone.  it's part ego, and part needy.

#3: the hell you doing?...

if you're not available our mind starts racing as to why you're not answering. no, we don't default to "are you hurt?" or  "is everything alright". first thing we think, "the hell she doing?" & "who the hell is she with?..." whether we think you're up to no good. out with that friend we HATE. laying there ignoring our call. we are sitting there stewing in anger over you not picking up that phone. in fact what's the first question when you answer the phone..

"where you been?". 

it doesn't matter what you say. if your have an alibi. if you're phone is destroyed in 2,000 pieces. you not answering that phone was the worst possible thing you could have done tonight. and he's gonna let you know it. because as soon as he gets you on the phone you're about to be interrogated like you stole something. because we know that unless you we're doing some shit you weren't supposed to'd have your phone. because YOU should have been calling or trying to text us.

#2: he's fiening...

sometimes we get lonely. needy. we want to hear your voice. want to share our day. want to text, chat, or tweet you. and we call, send you a message..and you don't get back to us.

this causes a guy to get mad, because i guarantee most guys have at least 2-3,000 other chicks he could call and they'd pick up. but he wants to talk to you, and you're the one not answering. so he gets an attitude based on the fact that he feels like you're not as into talking to him as he is to you. and you're gonna be tripping, when you check his call log and see he tried to call you twice then called Anita for 30 minutes afterwards.

#1: it's inconsiderate, annoying & says: "i don't care"

point blank. men don't carry purses. we have our phone in our pocket. in a belt pouch. a clip. in our hand..etc. it's accessible. and even though some of us lie and say, "i didn't have it...". we usually have it. and we see when you call us. so the fact that you "didn't hear it", "forgot it was on silent", "didn't charge it", "left it on your desk", "in the car..." we aren't giving you a pass. it's annoying to call someone and their phone go straight to their voice mail or ring & ring, especially when you know they aren't busy. you see them tweeting..from their phone. it screams.."i don't care.." and it's very inconsiderate.

no, you aren't REQUIRED (although i said you were in #1 that you are...*whispers* "and you are" *grin*) to answer your phone, but if you're with someone and they are calling you it doesn't take that much to acknowledge the phone call. i get sometimes you want some "me" time. and that is supposed to exclude me as well as everyone else. but at least let me know that. at least let me know you're turning off your phone for a few hours. you're going to let it charge for a few hours, or that you don't feel like talking tonight. it takes more to fight over it, then it would have to just give him a heads up.


Monique said...

first thing we think, "the hell she doing?" & "who the hell is she with?..." - and this is always the first question asked. Why must women always be readily available though?

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

If that's the case, he should always answer when I call.

I hated calling this dude because he'd never answer and it wasn't like I was calling while he was working. I'd call when I knew he had some downtime. The phone rings and rings and rings then goes to vm. Hours later I get a text back...he calls me the 2 times I may have set my phone down and walked off and suddenly I'm "so hard to reach" FOOL BYE. ANSWER THE DAMN PHONE WHEN I CALL DUDE. Simple things...needless to say that 'ish didn't last.

sunshinestar110 said...

*nods head in agreement with Starrla* If you want us to answer each and every time you, yall have to be available too cuz just like ya'll we have the same thoughts about where u can be