Monday, August 8, 2011

day #8 music challenge

day# 8: a song i know all the words to..

Kilo Ali - "Cocaine"

 i think i'm showing my age with this one. i remember being on he bus rapping this every morning..

"cocaine said she loves you, but she really don't. she said i'll always be there, but she really won't...make you a big man, but you a uzi, she said go kill your brother or you gonna lose me. you don't wanna lose her so you do what you are told..headed for the jail 16 year old, now you're into deep and you can't come back...but that's what you get, for selling that crack...COCAINE"

if you aren't from ATL, you probably are like..."wtf" but seriously. kilo ali is classic atlanta music. from "do you hear what i hear (that boom)", "white horse", "freaky dancer", one of my favorites "donkey kong" & the ultimate party song.."get this party started"...

but then again, i'm from atlanta. i'm with old school bass, so maybe y'all can't understand. but just listening to this right now, make me wanna throw a house party.


Monique said...

Ok, so why did I just start rapping along with the song and pull up "Nasty Dancer" as well. One word: FREAKNIK!!!!!

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@monique: this is why me and you are