Monday, August 29, 2011

day #28 music challenge

day#28: a song that makes me feel guilty


it's hard to be a chick's Mr. Yeah. the dude who she always wants to come back to. the dude she realizes she was wrong for messing up with. and a while ago, my ex's dude called himself "calling me up" to ask me why my ex kept calling me. and it's like...dude if you're really checking her phone bill you should see she's calling me, not the other way around. and to be completely clear....even if i was calling her don't be a bitch and call me to threaten me to "stop". it's like deal with her. deal with the person you're really mad at. but i thought it was funny he was calling me from like pay phones and shit. so every time i got a weird number, i started playing, "Mr. Yeah"...

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