Sunday, August 14, 2011

day #14 music challenge

day# 14: a song no one would think i liked...


the reason i say no one would think i'd like this song. if you ask anyone i know, i'm not a big fan of gospel music. and before y'all start hurling the "heathens"  at me. the reason i can't do gospel music is because i like clean music. i can't do all the screaming, multiple voices, and "Jesus" over hip hop beats. 

maybe because i'm luthern, and we don't do it like that in our church. maybe because i work in music and i'm conditioned to listening to music a certain way. i dunno. i used to play drums at church, used to arrange music for the youth once upon a time. all of that...but i STILL can't do the sunday best shit. so when folks are riding in my car on sunday mornings and the screamfest of "sunday morning" begins, i usually flip the station. and they are acting like i'm hating on Jesus. which i assure you i'm not. 

this song right here is among one of my favorite songs. i can 100% feel it to my core. it's like Jesus gives me a hug during the whole song. i can't even sing along cause i'd probably drop a tear or two. that's how happy & blessed it makes me feel. i've been there. i still get there at times. and this song expresses that feeling completely. 

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Freckles said...

uhm. I love this song as well.

Somewhere in there I believe that you are suppose to say the Sunday Best shit but to each his own.

It is not always a screamfest and I generally cannot handle listening to smokie becuase he does all the rolls through most of his songs but this one right here is powerful. I am often there and at this time I am so there.