Thursday, August 11, 2011

day# 11 music challenge

day# 11: a song from my favorite band..


y'all forgot the roots were a band, huh? i was gonna go old school and say earth, wind, & fire(EWF). but truthfully i look at the roots as an actual band. i look at EWF as good music. but when i picture a drummer, can't see nobody but ?uestlove. and for that reason...i gotta go with the roots.

this song right 'chere...crazy. but the song with my girl jilly from philly (later erykah badu)...ridiculous

THE ROOTS FEAT. JILL SCOTT (Erykah Badu on alt. verison) - "YOU GOT ME"

a lot of people didn't know jill was originally on this song. especially cause erykah was in the video. but jilly actually penned the hook for the song.

and now to reveal the song that totally sold me on the roots for forever...

"THE SEED 2.0"

many of y'all don't know cody chesnutt. which i will admit his amazingly classic album was heavily slept on. after the roots did this song with cody...i was their fan forever.


Krissy said...

The Roots are and will always be one of my fav bands! I love them! And all of these songs you posted are some of my favs by them! LOVE!

Jas loves the roots too. They are on her yo gabba gabba dvd and cd. Lol

sunshinestar110 said...

The Roots are part of my top 5 favorite bands i can't think of one album nor song i have ever disliked