Wednesday, July 21, 2010

versatile award...

thank you, thank you to da boss bitch for this award & tagging me and giving me the..

Versatile Blogger Award which means I must then list 7 random facts about myself and tag some of my favorite bloggers.

i tag all you lovely people. some of you have already been tagged, the one's who have not..consider yourself tagged. and just do it.

so onto 7 random facts about me...

#7: i'm an avid hat wearer. i always have on a cap.

#6: i wear glasses, but not as much since i've had problems with my eyes. i do need them, just wearing them all the time is uncomfortable. i also don't wear contacts cause they don't fit in my eyes right..

#5: i'm an unforgiving winner & big shit talker. . . i wanna win everything i play. and i'll be pissed off if you're on my team & you make me lose. spades, sports, whatever..if you're the reason..i'ma be pissed. i can't even fake it. i want to win. i set out to win. i'm a trash talker who will talk shit from the door. i'll put the card on my forehead. i'll turn all my cards over and tell you pick which one i play next. i'll spot you 20 points in basketball playing to 21.

#4: i love gumballs, but i can't chew them due to TMJ  (temporomandibular joint disorder), which basically means it hurts when i chew repetitively over and over again. so food = yes. gum = no.

#3: i'm allergic to metal/stainless steel. so i've can only wear REAL jewelry. if you give me jewelery that is plated it will break me out instantly. that goes for backs of earrings. that goes for watches..i used to try to paint the back with nail polish of fossil watches. about 2 days later my skin would be peeling, red and have small hive like bumps on it. yes, it was that serious.  even belt fasteners. for the longest i could only wear belts fastener was covered by a material. i have to make sure there is fabric in between my belts and my skin. or i'll pull back my shirt and my stomach will break out. it sounds simple, but's a pain in the ass.

#2: i witnessed a ex murdered my fish...we we're moving...and we were transferring the fish from the old tank. but there was no new tank set up. and the fish was sick. he had spots on him and everything, but he was a trooper. she told me it had died. but i saw him moving a little. she put him in the toilet and flushed it. he swimmed back up. he was fighting the murder...then she flushed again. and that was it. i kept going back trying to see if i'd come back. sometimes, when i was in there for a long time, i thought i heard him. i'd look, but it wasn't anything alive in

#1: i'm a DIY'er. (do it yourselfer). if it has to be screwed, nailed, or hung i'm the man (in every sense of the word, lol). but for real. i love doing shit with my hands. i love fixing things. i love figuring out how to fix things. i'm so proud of the fixtures, chandeliers i've put up, the faucets, fans, floors, paint, etc... i'm obsessed with fix your home shows. don't be surprised if you see me on "man caves" or if i have my own show on the DIY network. don't be surprised. there's already this guy on there who's name sounds surprisingly like mine....people say it's a sign lol..


Monique said...

Pretty nice. I'm a DIY-selfer as well. Something about becoming a homeowner that makes you think you can have your own HGTv show.

JStar said...


sunshinestar110 said...

lmao @ you witnessed a murder!!! I can't with you and what makes it even worse is that you are still waiting for him to come back! I know you send finding nemo once they go down the white goddess its no coming back for them. RIP lil homie lol

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

We have #3 in common. Since I was little every piece of jewelry worn had to be real or else I'm breaking out and the area is in pain. That's good in a sense because if anyone tries to pass off some fake 'ish to us, we'll know automatically lol

Anonymous said...

LMAO @ #2 You're ridiculous!

and eew @ #3. I used to hear that so much from my customers (I used to work for Claire's).

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@monique: no i'm really gonna have my own show. watch. lol..

@jstar: thank you. thank you.

@sunshinestar110: i did think he was coming back. i used to tell her..he was gonna come back up and seek revenge on her one

@starrla monae: yup yup..we are human fake jewelry detectors.

@alee: whaaat? i'm serious. lol. and yea #3 really is ew when it really gets bad.