Wednesday, July 28, 2010

bloggers rights...

aiight, i usually stay way from "entertainment" issues. usually because i know a lot of the people involved and although i'm pretty anonymous i feel like most times my mouth will get me in a lot of trouble. i also don't participate in rumors & all the other nonsense that people talk about that they have no clue about..

but today. i was thinking. this thing with sandra rose & jermaine dupri. is an example of "you can dish it, but you can't take it". first let me start off by saying, i don't condone violence, threats, or anything else in person, on the internet, from a rocket ship...whatever.

but i do feel like the "bloggers right" to say whatever should come with a stipulation that if someone doesn't like what you're saying or doing they have to right to say off the cuff shit back to you. do i think JD is planning an assault on sandra rose...uh no.

do i think that JD thinks sandra rose  is his arch nemesis that he needs to rid the world of? no. do i think he trying to pull at "get kat stacks" on sandra rose and have folks jump her and make her apologize to him? eh..again no. what i think is IF he even called her. he was drunk & pissed off. and he spewed a few too many loose words. no one is scared of JD. and i'm not saying cause he short..cause well err i have no room to talk. i'm saying no one thinks he's rolling with goons. or that he has a "get'em" posse waiting to jump women, men, & children. i think his words are being milked for attention. and the united "we are blogger" front is rallying behind her like this is a freedom of speech thing. if she is free to comment on his life. if she can use her media pass to expose him on different aspects of his life. he can't call her ass up and say, "shut up you know who i am? you just finish saying i wasn't shit..i'm about to show you i'm shit". so um. ok. not the greatest choice of words (that is not a direct quote, just kinda a summary of the "alleged" conversation). you just finished saying he was a has been and no one cared about him anymore. why do you care he threatened you? why are you afraid of him now? just saying...just one of those scratch your head moments.

again. before yall attack me. i don't condone threats. i'm not saying he can say "i'ma blow you & your baby up" (he did not say that, but it's more interesting then what he actually did allegedly said). but i feel like take responsibility for your words and your actions. i know tons of bloggers that talk as if they are talking about their ex-best friend when they talk about celebrities. "oh girl yanno you were wrong...remember when you cheated on your boyfriend? girl, kiss that baby...".

you do NOT know these people. 

wait let me repeat do NOT know these people.

i know a lot of bloggers who think negativity is the way to make people interested. so they go on tirades about this person. what they are wearing. how ugly their kids are. how fucked up their personal life is. they make post showing their ex girlfriends with new men. they make post saying how folks are just failing at life and should just kill themselves. we all have freedom of speech. and just like if i'm in your face calling you a loser. just like if i'm in your face saying, "that's why your girl left you". if i say it, i need to be able to deal with the consequences. and not saying it's right. but if somebody tried to throw in my fact that my ex was with someone new and i was still on that. i'd probably cuss your ass out and threaten you too. not saying it's right.but just saying, if you say it in my face you expect fireworks. why you think you saying it behind a computer you should expect any less?

this isn't to back JD. this isn't to spite sandra rose. i don't REALLY know the situation. this is just in general. bloggers have the responsibility to be responsible for their rants.  yes it's your opinion, you're entitled to it. but remember they are people just like you. and just like your ass is on twitter threatening @ihatekatstacks. calling her a hoe and saying i hope someone comes and beats your ass, rapes you,'s the same thing JD did. idle threats from someone mad. you can say, "you're career is over..go kill yourself" (not a direct quote but again more interesting than what she said). but he isn't suppose to say anything back to you i guess.

 JD is a person, just like everyone else. he has feelings like everyone else. he can get stupid, say ignorant everyone else. that's what has happened. why is anyone acting outraged? if you skurred..say you skurred and go through the process to right that wrong. but continuing to talk shit about someone you claim to be scared of is a true sign that you really aren't skuuuuuurred. so shut up. if anything you should have learned that saying off the cuff shit gets you in situations like ready to get slapped in the club like kat stacks?...

*DISCLAIMER* that last sentence was hypothetical. i am in no way threatening to slap you like kat stacks. i'm just saying it'll be on worldstarhiphop. *carrie's mother's voice* and we'll all be laughing at you..

*DISCLAIMER* for my *DISCLAIMER* i am not condoning violence against women in my above comment. i'm just saying yanno it was funny.

*DISCLAIMER* for my *DISCLAIMER* for that *DISCLAIMER* aw, fuck it..if yall gonna sue me just sue me..


Alovelydai said...

Oh it's incredibly easy to hide behind a computer and push people's buttons. I also think it's the artists job not to take their selves and the blogosphere so personally. The moment a statement or counter-blog attack is released that's the info that every will be reading. Ala The Dream, Mashonda, etc. So what JD should do is blog about it.

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

it's very easy to hide. and i think a lot of people use that as an excuse to go wild with their mouths. cause in person their personalities don't match.

JD don't need to blog. he just need to cool off. and then apologize for "threatening" her. other than that..if he wanna talk about, it's no different then her talking about him. lack of respect goes both ways.