Thursday, July 29, 2010

#twitterkills thursday 36

you ever been on you way home. left work a little late. had one last errand to run. stuck in traffic. yet, you're not worried since you dvr'ed all your shows. you get home, get settled, and decide to wait 10 minutes so your show can end and you can watch it from the beginning. you get on your computer, sign on twitter...and about 10 people have ruined your favorite tv show for you?

this week's #twitterkills thursday 36 topic of the week: everyone on twitter is watching tv and RUINING it for everyone else..

one of the biggest problems with twitter is, you can't watch SHIT and be on twitter. even if you're watching it while you're on twitter all the narration, opinions, "shouting at the screen" (yanno how ppl shout at the screen in movies...yea they do that shit on twitter with all the random tweets) that goes on will drive you crazy. let the show be popular, there will be a hashtag (#) for everything. for like an hour and half it will even be a trending topic.

they will ruin tv shows...

@tweeter1: i'm watching #rhoa (real housewives of atlanta) and dwight fighting
@tweeter2: oh shit, kim about to get that wig snatched #rhoa
@tweeter3: did you see nene's butt...she need to do better #rhoa
@tweeter4: omg, did she just slap dwight? #rhoa

they will ruin award shows...

@tweeter1: YES! i knew trey songz would win male r&b #yuup
@tweeter2: aww did trey songz win male r&b over usher? #mtvawards
@tweeter3: did you see usher's face, it's gonna be a bad night for him lmao #ugotitbad
@tweeter4: why wasn't maxwell nominated? these award shows suck #prettywangs

they will even ruin the fucking news...

@tweeter1: breaking news there was an earthquake in i gotta try to go some place else for spring break #springbreak
@tweeter2: omg kim kardashian died..#rip. on was khole #whocares
@tweeter3: they arrested @melgibson at the strip club for calling the strippers cunts while he touched's on channel 2 #wholaughingnow
@tweeter4: they sold out of #iphones in less than 2 minutes..shit i was #482 in line. now i have to wait 2 days to get one..

either way..if you want to watch anything. enjoy anything. if you want to be surprised. STAY OFF TWITTER. because if there is even a second delay on your cable/satellite. some asshole is going to tell you what happens before it happens.

*calling up jim carey* "aye dude...i need you to come through cable guy style and disconnect some boxes"...*thunderstorm shorting out your tv's* & *trees falling on your satellite dish* ZzzzzzzzzzzzzzAp *die*


Monique said...

I don't know why people act so surprised when folks go in shows and news. It's a pretty good chance the networks are tweeting too so yes, staying off is best. Unfortunately, folks are so addicted to the little blue bird that they can't. LOL

Isis said...

lmao! this is so f-ing true. lmao @ ruining the news...

but yeah...i do sometimes make true blood comments though, b/c that show is ridiculous! & most of my friends don't have hbo so they are always a day late watching.

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@monique: you can't blame them...but you don't have to give away every detail like we discussing it together. if I'm on the west coast i'd hate everyone on twitter.

@isis: et tu isis?...geez you are a repeat #twitterkills offender. I give you a pass tho cause it's harder to ruin cable shows cause they're already books & or spoiler blogs for them lol.

Anonymous said...

I am on the westcoast and I do hate everyone on twitter when they are all freakin watching something that hasn't come on here yet. Its the worst. But I learned early on not to even open my twitter when something I wanna watch is on the dvr