Thursday, July 8, 2010

love mishaps

i've mentioned before i'm a romantic at heart. and being a romantic, i tried to think of a gift to buy my girlfriend that would scream..."i'm thinking about you". it wasn't about price, it was about thought. what could i buy...that would show her that i was always thinking of her? what can i get that she can have and think of me?

so i went down to this store called, "things to remember". and saw this heart compact. so i thought long & hard about what i wanted it to say. i got her name engraved on the front. and wanted to put a message on the other side. the first thing that popped in my head..

at first..."if you look in my heart, this is what you'll see".

that was cool. but i wasn't sure if that was too much. after all, she always implies i'm moving too fast. and i'm too serious. so i backed off that idea.

then i came up with.."your only imperfection is, you without me...". i thought to myself maybe she wouldn't understand what i was trying to say. so the lady at the store asked me if i wanted some we came up with.."you're always in my heart" (or something it's been a while). short, sweet, & to the point. so i go out and find this beautiful heart box. red, heavy, carved box. and i put the compact in there. she sees it and kisses me and thanks me for it.

but months go by and i never see it again, nor hear mention of it. so one day we're having a conversation about, "your & you're". and she's telling me, "i know you don't know the difference in the words..". and i ask her why she said that, she informs me her compact says...


i inform her the stupid girl at the store must have spelled it wrong when she was engraving it. because i know i double checked it a million times before i decided to go with that message. so that's why she never has it? or never said anything else about it? *smh*...i've wanted to for a while go and get another one done corrected. but i thought about it. if she was gangsta she would rock that shit and be like, "so my boyfriend might not be able to conjugate verbs...but i love his retarded sped ass anyway". so i refuse to get another one, at least until i see her show some pride in that one.

*ignorantly strolls away*


sunshinestar110 said...

awwwww.*backs you on the back* its the thought that counts and you tried that is all that really

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

Dang....if it was an issue it could've been brought up earlier instead of being stashed for a year so a change could've been made. Ah well, I agree with Sunshinestar, it's the thought that counts.

UglyCleanBroke87 said...

Lol. I'm kind of a Nazi about "you're" and "your" so I probably would've felt some type of way about something like that. But I would probably have said something...I feel like it's my duty to ensure that my loved ones use proper grammar at all times lol

jazzyjaz said...

I gotta go with Sunshine and starrla its the thought that counts. Thats something that could have been corrected if she may have spoke on it earlier but dang she knew what u meant lol

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@sunshinestar110: yanno how mean yall DC chicks. are. thanks for being so

@starrla monae: i know..i could have took that shit back and told the girl to change it. but now it's "my" mistake.

@uglycleanbroke87: it's your duty huh? the streets of all the bad grammar criminals hiding in the allies huh?

@jazzyjaz: exactly..she know i'm not really a sped. she could have at least thought to herself, maybe he doesn't realize they spelled it this way...but nooo. lol

xxxx said...

lmao she played your gift.. its the thought that count she should be glad..alot of people partners dont even be trying to give them gifts and ish randomly