Thursday, July 22, 2010

heart burglar..

call me a thief. call me a heart burglar. whatever.

arrest me. lock me up. throw away the key. because i want to spend eternity in your love box.

yes, that was me..with the sledge hammer standing outside your walls. trying to break them down. see i saw them a mile away and i thought to myself...even though i can't see over it. even though i can't see through it. even though i don't know what's on the other's worth the effort, breaking it down. so don't mind me while i try to break in.

i know it sounds ridiculous. trying to break in, to be locked up. but that's where i wanna be. you're where i wanna be. i just gotta be there. so let me pick your mind, your heart, your soul..i promise to be gentle. see i'm a professional, heart burglar that is. i don't like to stop til i've stolen it. and yes, it would be easier for you to just give it to me. but we all know the best things, are the things we work hard to get. and since it belongs to you. and you're kinda selfish. my only other option is to steal it.

so are we gonna do this the easy or the hard way? you gonna leave the door open or do i have to crawl through the window? come down the chimney. slide through a crack. hide in your bushes? or do i have to huff & puff and blow your wall down?

you wanna fight me for that it? come on, we can thumb wrestle for it. no? how about flip a coin? *pulling out double head quarter*, "heads, i win". still not good enough? ok...where's the hoops of fire i have to jump through? is there an obstacle course? because i'm saying i am a bit out of shape..but i will hobble, wobble, & almost die (have a heart attack) attempting to obtain your love. just point me in the direction of your heart, then act like it's a shopping spree and "throw it in the bag..".

no one has to get hurt. if you just cooperate. it's not a stick up, unless you want it that way. and this isn't a gun, but if you keep on looking so good it might just go off. just saying. so what's it gonna be? you gonna give it to me. . . or do i have to break in, run faster than your dogs (your girls), deactivate your alarm (your hesitation) scale up and down you walls, tripping over the debris (your baggage), pick the locks of your get to your heart?

because i'll do it. and i promise once i get's gonna be mine. and i'm not giving it back. don't worry you won't miss it. you'll already have mine. free & clear.


JStar said...

I know thats right!!! Thats exactly what I want :)

DaBossBitch said...

Getting robbed never sounded this appealing!

Anonymous said...

Somewhere out there is a very lucky girl.

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

DAMN....I had to read this again. And again...where are the rest out there like you who want to rob? I'd leave the door unlocked and flung open for this sort of crime.

Piph said...

Aww :) This was cute. I likey lol

Epitome said...

Posts like this make me love you a little more each day lol. I have walls that are sometimes so high I can't even see the top and as much as I feel I need them I'd love to have a man come along with a sledgehammer and knock them all down.

sunshinestar110 said...

I just felt like i have been gone for a long time because I see you have been blogging your lil heart out!! *rubs your back* U making me so proud for you GA boy!! so proud! *wipes tear*

I had to read this a couple of time because thats how powerful it is!! I love it!!