Thursday, July 22, 2010

#twitterkills thursday 35

greetings & salutations....

i know i neglected missed #twitterkills thursday last week. it was on a brief hiatus. but it's back...and this week's topic is "people who follow you, don't know you, then start DM'ing you..."

  • thou should not litter my DM box with bullshit. 
  • thou should not DM me shit that makes me think you've been hacked. 
  • thou should not DM me like we are friends, if we are not. okay. 
  • thou should not solicit my participation in your life in my DM's

so this dude followed me. and i try to follow everyone back after a quick glance to make sure you're not a spammer. even if you look a little lame, i will give you a chance. so i followed this dude. and the next thing i know i got a DM saying..

"Yes, this is another check my site DM" 

um..dude. i don't have any other "check my site DM's" cause i don't add spammers. and honestly when i see these kinda of DM's i think you've been hacked. i go to his page and he has this same link splattered across his timeline. so i'm thinking..hmm...

then i get another DM,

"i don't want to be the best or get rich from my music...check out my site". 

dude. all this advertisement in my DM's in a no go. DM's are for private conversations, friends to talk a little reckless, & flirting. do not hit my DM's especially if you know me with bullshit like "check my link". i don't know you..and i'm not the curious type. i'll never get to know you if your advertise to me against my wishes.

die dude. die a slow DM-less & UNFOLLOWED death...*wither*


JStar said...

LOL...I dont accept friends I dont know personally on social networking sites for this reason alone

Monique said...

I swear Twitter needs a better screening process. They should have an option to check "clingy" or "fake rapper looking for free publicity" on there or something.

sunshinestar110 said...

That exactly why i ignore most of my Dm messages.I just don't have time to deal with your shit in my message box at all..Now i gotta take time out of my day to read this bogus shit and then delete I do much more with my time but that!

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@jstar: i try to give them a chance. but when i do they abuse it. dudes like him is what messes it up for everyone else.

@monique: yup. they should have a button vote button or some shit. you should be able to thumbs down someone like that so ppl can see him coming.

@sunshinestar110:agreed. i have no time for that kinda bullshit at all. i don't even bother deleting i just leave it up there. and continue to ignore it.