Thursday, July 8, 2010

#twitterkills thursday 34

this week's #twitterkills thursday 34 topic of the week: nasty ass twitter names..

i'm sure i don't have to mention any particular. we've all seen them. and they are all cute for the moment. and you'll add them. and you'll tweet them. the one day you're looking at your timeline and see...

@harddickinyoupussy: just getting out of church, the preacher was PREACHIN'

now tell me that doesn't just make you scooby doo it to unfollow. it's like, no those words don't offend me. i will gladly say them but not everytime i tweet something. now you do get points for originality. i mean "@eatdatasslikecandy" is great. but why you get mad when a dude adds you and ask you to "eat-dat-ass-like-candy"? i'm saying advertising is advertising. don't get mad and be twitter fighting and telling him you're not gay. cause um according to your twitter name, kinda are.  if your name is "@bigtitties4youboo", and a dude comes at you with sex shit all the time. don't tweet..

@bigtitties4youboo: why guys always @replying me about sex, get the fuck outta here with that, you will be UNFOLLOWED.

um, excuse me. they followed you cause your name was "bigtitties4youboo". they thought you were giving them your titties and now yo wanna front, change your twitter picture to you reading a book. yanno what the people want. if you aren't gonna give it to them. get off twitter and no i'm not saying you just gotta talk about sex all the time. i'm just saying, don't act like people are out of line. or people are stepping to you wrong. accept the stereotype like you did the praise for being perverted in the first place. not saying anything is bad about it. just saying. if my mom was looking at my phone while i was tweeting. she wouldn't be alarmed by, "@gorgeousgeek" but if she saw "@pussypussypussyletsallgetwasted" she'd be like, " this is what twitter is?".

*pouring two glasses* two shots you. for being original and giving some perv a woody when he loads up his tweetdeck. pow.


Isis said...

just to let u kno, "pussypussypussyletsallgetwasted" is the ONLY reason i left a comment.

LTFOL! i'm really sittin up here crackin up, that shit is hilarious.

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@isis: that's a pretty good one huh? don't let me get on my timeline and find out that's your new twitter name i know how you like to change yours like grandmas change socks.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! I mentioned this to someone the other day and all they had to say was "It's just Twitter."

Twitter or not, you get a reputation. Don't get mad when you get those nasty tweets you don't want.